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Authors’ reply

Authors’ reply

Shanmugam, P Mahesh; Barigali, Aditya; Kadaskar, Jayant; Borgohain, Sandip; Kailash Chandra, Mishra Divaynsh; Rajesh, R; Minija, C K

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Indian Journal of Ophthalmology: June 2016 - Volume 64 - Issue 6 - p 476
doi: 10.4103/0301-4738.187691
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We thank the authors for their comments on our article “Effect of lanosterol on human cataract nucleus:”[12]

  • In regard to the comment on mechanisms of cataract formation in congenital and acquired cataracts being different, we agree with the authors and have hi-lighted the same issue in the discussion, quoting Hejtmancik and Kantorow.[3] While it would be appropriate to do this study in the pediatric population, the mechanism of removal of a cataract in the children (lens aspiration) may not allow such a study in vivo, and this would be a major limiting factor to perform such a study
  • We mirrored our experiment on the one designed by Zhao et al. wherein they had immersed the lens for 6 days.[4] While we agree that adult lenses may need to be exposed to lanosterol for longer/higher concentration and have acknowledged the same in the discussion. However, the absolute absence of difference between the control and lanosterol groups at the end of 6 days makes us wonder if changing the concentration or duration would have made any difference to the results
  • It is possible that our methodology of immersing bare nuclei without the capsule may have impacted the study results, and we have indicated the same in the discussion. However, lanosterol acts by reversing the protein aggregation within the lens fibers and in the absence of the capsule, lanosterol would have better access to the lens fibers and should theoretically have been more effective and not less effective.

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