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Person-centered care approach to prevention and management of falls among adults and aged in a Brazilian hospital: a best practice implementation project

Albertini, Anna Carolina da Silva; Fernandes, Renato Pinheiro; Püschel, Vilanice Alves de Araújo; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 21(1):14-24, March 2023.

Facilitation as a component of evidence implementation: a multinational perspective

Lizarondo, Lucylynn; McArthur, Alexa; Moola, Sandeep; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 20(3):180-188, September 2022.

The development of software to support multiple systematic review types: the Joanna Briggs Institute System for the Unified Management, Assessment and Review of Information (JBI SUMARI)

Munn, Zachary; Aromataris, Edoardo; Tufanaru, Catalin; More

International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare. 17(1):36-43, March 2019.

Establishing midwife-led continuity of care interventions in perinatal mental health in high-risk pregnancies: a best practice implementation project

Morlans-Lanau, Miriam; González-Vives, Maria L.; Rodríguez-Quiroga, Alberto; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 20(S1):S49-S58, August 2022.

Nasogastric tube care and flushing in a Portuguese general medicine ward: a best practice implementation project

Fernandes, António M.; Henriques, Pedro; Lourenço, Ana R.; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 20(S1):S76-S87, August 2022.

Administration of chemotherapy in patients admitted to a haematology service: a best practice implementation project

Coutinho, Verónica Rita Dias; Santos, Cristina Maria de Oliveira; Rodrigues, Catarina Isabel; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 20(S1):S88-S97, August 2022.

How do health professionals prioritize clinical areas for implementation of evidence into practice? A cross-sectional qualitative study

Wenzel, Lisa-Anabell; White, Jenni; Sarkies, Mitchell N.; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 18(3):288-296, September 2020.

Implementation of a coronavirus disease 2019 infection prevention and control training program in a low-middle income country

Perera, Niranjala; Haldane, Victoria; Ratnapalan, Savithiri; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 20(3):228-235, September 2022.