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March 2023 - Volume 21 - Issue 1

  • Craig Lockwood
    Ian Graham
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​​​From the Editors

What do we know about mentoring, what do we really know about mentoring to help move knowledge into practice? This group of authors screened 2053 studies so you do not have to, and showed mentoring helps increase the use of research evidence in practice, helps share knowledge, build clinical skills and support educational strategies. These strategies, how they have been used, in which contexts are across each of the implementation reports in this December issue. What are the essential characteristics of mentorship, and how do we conceptualise and operationalise in comparison with partnerships? If you are planning quality improvement work, or a student of implementation science, this issue is a rich source of data and knowledge.

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Editors in Chief

Craig Lockwood, Hanan Khalil

Addendum: December 2022 is also the end of Professor Hanan Khalil's tenure as Editor in Chief. Professor Khalil is an exceptional scientific lead and has provided this journal with impeccable pedigree and distinction over many years. On behalf of the Editorial Board, the JBI Executive Leadership and members of the JBIC, thank you, farewell and may the next journal be as richly fulfilling and impactful as this one has been.​


Current Issue Highlights

Person-centered care approach to prevention and management of falls among adults and aged in a Brazilian hospital: a best practice implementation project

Albertini, Anna Carolina da Silva; Fernandes, Renato Pinheiro; Püschel, Vilanice Alves de Araújo; More

JBI Evidence Implementation. 21(1):14-24, March 2023.

Published August 2022