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September 2023 - Volume 21 - Issue 3

  • Craig Lockwood
    Ian Graham
  • 2691-3321
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​​​​​​From the Editors

JBI's organisational mission is to promote and support evidence-informed healthcare, the editorial for this issue encapsulates this mission with a focus on 'Making implementation work.' Making it work spells out the opportunities available for you to step into an influential role on the quality and safety of practice, it spells out examples of impact by nurses and health professionals who saw a need, and decided that developing their capacity, skills and knowledge to fill the need was part of their job. 

In a huge issue of great implementation papers such as a method for practice improvement in postpartum bladder management that invests in the wellbeing and dignity of women in Taiwan exemplifies the value of academic/clinician partnerships and use of facilitation models to do the heavy lifting on practice change and practice improvement. This project adapted JBI Implementation methods to their local context, using JBI's seven phase approach from pre-planning to evaluation of sustainability. It's a model that works Why are you still doing the heavy lifting? Make implementation work for you, not the other way around! 

Making it work is the theme of this issue, take a deeper dive in this issues' original research and methodology papers on implementation science for advanced practice, models and methods for measuring practice change, integrated knowledge translation and clinical decision support. See something you are interested in, -tell us!​

As always, enjoy reading, and share what you enjoy

Editors in Chief

Craig Lockwood, Ian Graham

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Published August 2022