May 2013 - Volume 19 - Issue 6
pp: 1107-1338,E79-E81

Combined Serological, Genetic, and Inflammatory Markers Differentiate Non-IBD, Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Plevy, Scott; Silverberg, Mark S.; Lockton, Steve; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1139-1148, May 2013.

Association Between the PTPN2 Gene and Crohn's Disease: Dissection of Potential Causal Variants

Marcil, Valerie; Mack, David R.; Kumar, Vijay; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1149-1155, May 2013.

Looking for Endoscopic Features of Cytomegalovirus Colitis: A Study of 187 Patients with Active Ulcerative Colitis, Positive and Negative for Cytomegalovirus

Iida, Takayuki; Ikeya, Kentaro; Watanabe, Fumitoshi; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1156-1163, May 2013.

Tumor Necrosis Factor α Antagonist–associated Psoriasis in Inflammatory Diseases: An Analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System

Kip, Kevin E.; Swoger, Jason M.; Grandinetti, Lisa M.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1164-1172, May 2013.

Clinical Predictors of Urgent Findings on Abdominopelvic CT in Emergency Department Patients with Crohn’s Disease

Kerner, Caroline; Carey, Kathleen; Baillie, Charles; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1179-1185, May 2013.

Correlation Between the Endoscopic and Histologic Score in Assessing the Activity of Ulcerative Colitis

Lemmens, Bart; Arijs, Ingrid; Van Assche, Gert; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1194-1201, May 2013.

Incidence, Clinical Characteristics, and Natural History of Pediatric IBD in Wisconsin: a Population-based Epidemiological Study

Adamiak, Tonya; Walkiewicz-Jedrzejczak, Dorota; Fish, Daryl; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1218-1223, May 2013.

The Cytotoxic Effects of Certolizumab Pegol and Golimumab Mediated by Transmembrane Tumor Necrosis Factor α

Ueda, Naoyasu; Tsukamoto, Hiroshi; Mitoma, Hiroki; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1224-1231, May 2013.

Mucosal IgG4 Cell Infiltration in Ulcerative Colitis Is Linked to Disease Activity and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Raina, Amit; Yadav, Dhiraj; Regueiro, Miguel; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1232-1237, May 2013.

Development of a Peptidoglycan–Polysaccharide Murine Model of Crohn's Disease: Effect of Genetic Background

Reingold, Laura; Rahal, Kinan; Schmiedlin-Ren, Phyllissa; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1238-1244, May 2013.

Genome-wide Association Study Signal at the 12q12 Locus for Crohn’s Disease May Represent Associations with the MUC19 Gene

Kumar, Vijay; Mack, David R.; Marcil, Valerie; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1254-1259, May 2013.

Altered Gut Microbiota Promotes Colitis-Associated Cancer in IL-1 Receptor–Associated Kinase M–Deficient Mice

Klimesova, Klara; Kverka, Miloslav; Zakostelska, Zuzana; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1266-1277, May 2013.

Semisynthetic Diet Ameliorates Crohn’s Disease–Like Ileitis in TNFΔARE/WT Mice Through Antigen-Independent Mechanisms of Gluten

Wagner, Stefan J.; Schmidt, Annemarie; Effenberger, Manuel J. P.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1285-1294, May 2013.

RNase-L Deficiency Exacerbates Experimental Colitis and Colitis-associated Cancer

Long, Tiha M.; Chakrabarti, Arindam; Ezelle, Heather J.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 19(6):1295-1305, May 2013.

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