October 2010 - Volume 16 - Issue 10
pp: 1631-1817

Fistula-Associated Anal Adenocarcinoma in CD: Original Article

NOD2 and Human Ileal Gene Expression: Original Article

Colectomy Patient/Physician Mismatch: Original Article

Capsule Endoscopy in IBDU: Original Article

Adult Height of Children with IBD: Original Article

Final adult height of children with inflammatory bowel disease is predicted by parental height and patient minimum height Z-score

Lee, Jessica J.; Escher, Johanna C.; Shuman, Melissa J.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 16(10):1669-1677, October 2010.

C-reactive Protein in Pouch: Original Article

Psychological Adjustment to IBD: Original Article

N-3 PUFA Diet Therapy in IBD: Original Article

Anti-CD3 Therapy in CD Patients: Original Article

Phase I, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study of NI-0401 (a fully human anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody) in patients with moderate to severe active...

van der Woude, Janneke C.; Stokkers, Pieter; van Bodegraven, Ad A.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 16(10):1708-1716, October 2010.

Genome-wide Microarray Analysis of CD: Original Article

MicroRNAs and Ileal and Colonic CD: Original Basic Science Articles

Mucosal Inflammation Regulated by Cux1: Original Basic Science Article

a4ß7 Blockade and Colitis: Original Basic Science Articles

4SC-101 Inhibits IL-17: Original Basic Science Article

IRAK-M and DSS-induced Colitis: Original Basic Science Articles

Intestinal Dendritic Cells: Basic Science Review Articles

Th17 Cells in IBD: Basic Science Review Articles

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