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About the Journal

The Harvard Review of Psychiatry is the authoritative source for scholarly reviews and perspectives on a diverse range of important topics in psychiatry. Founded by the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry, the journal is peer-reviewed and not industry sponsored. It is the property of President and Fellows of Harvard College and is affiliated with all of the Departments of Psychiatry at the Harvard teaching hospitals.

Articles encompass all major issues in contemporary psychiatry, including (but not limited to) neuroscience, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, history of psychiatry, and ethics. In addition to scholarly reviews, perspectives articles, and columns, the journal includes a Clinical Challenge section that presents a case followed by discussion and debate from a panel of experts.

Subscription includes a CME opportunity in each issue.

Diversity Statement

The Harvard Review of Psychiatry is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our core mission. Inclusive approaches not only extend the relevance of research studies to diverse clinical populations but also improve the quality of scientific investigations. We encourage prospective authors to comment on inclusiveness of studies that they review, to identify gaps in research involving underserved or underrepresented populations, and when possible, to provide evidence-based recommendations that extend the inclusivity of research studies. We also strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented and minority backgrounds to submit their work for consideration, and strive to include such diversity on various levels of our working and external editorial boards and peer reviewer pool.