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Loss of TAZ after YAP deletion severely impairs foregut development and worsens cholestatic hepatocellular injury

Gabdulkhakova, Adelya; Krutsenko, Yekaterina; Zhu, Junjie; More

Hepatology Communications. 7(9):e0220, September 2023.

Pneumosepsis survival in the setting of obesity leads to persistent steatohepatitis and metabolic dysfunction

Kumar, Avnee J.; Parthasarathy, Chitra; Prescott, Hallie C.; More

Hepatology Communications. 7(9):e0210, September 2023.

Parental leave, childcare policies, and workplace bias for hepatology professionals: A national survey

Feld, Lauren D.; Sarkar, Monika; Au, Jennifer S.; More

Hepatology Communications. 7(9):e0214, September 2023.

Functional involvement of endothelial lipase in hepatitis B virus infection

Shirasaki, Takayoshi; Murai, Kazuhisa; Ishida, Atsuya; More

Hepatology Communications. 7(9):e0206, September 2023.

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