March 2023 - Volume 77 - Issue 3 : Hepatology

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March 2023 - Volume 77 - Issue 3
pp: 705-1065,E39-E61

Immune-Mediated Diseases

A shared mucosal gut microbiota signature in primary sclerosing cholangitis before and after liver transplantation

Hole, Mikal Jacob; Jørgensen, Kristin Kaasen; Holm, Kristian; More

Hepatology. 77(3):715-728, March 2023.

Liver Cancer

Polo‐like kinase 4 inhibitor CFI‐400945 suppresses liver cancer through cell cycle perturbation and eliciting antitumor immunity

Chan, Cerise Yuen‐Ki; Yuen, Vincent Wai‐Hin; Chiu, David Kung‐Chun; More

Hepatology. 77(3):729-744, March 2023.

Ten‐eleven translocation‐2 inactivation restrains IL‐10‐producing regulatory B cells to enable antitumor immunity in hepatocellular carcinoma

Lu, Zhou; Liu, Ronghua; Wang, Yining; More

Hepatology. 77(3):745-759, March 2023.

Silmitasertib plus gemcitabine and cisplatin first‐line therapy in locally advanced/metastatic cholangiocarcinoma: A Phase 1b/2 study

Borad, Mitesh J.; Bai, Li‐Yuan; Richards, Donald; More

Hepatology. 77(3):760-773, March 2023.

HCC EV ECG score: An extracellular vesicle‐based protein assay for detection of early‐stage hepatocellular carcinoma

Sun, Na; Zhang, Ceng; Lee, Yi‐Te; More

Hepatology. 77(3):774-788, March 2023.

Liver Pathobiology

Adeno‐associated virus serotype 2 capsid variants for improved liver‐directed gene therapy

Meumann, Nadja; Cabanes‐Creus, Marti; Ertelt, Moritz; More

Hepatology. 77(3):802-815, March 2023.

Liver Failure/Cirrhosis/Portal Hypertension


Serum bile acids as a prognostic biomarker in biliary atresia following Kasai portoenterostomy

Harpavat, Sanjiv; Hawthorne, Kieran; Setchell, Kenneth D. R.; More

Hepatology. 77(3):862-873, March 2023.


Myeloid p38 activation maintains macrophage–liver crosstalk and BAT thermogenesis through IL‐12–FGF21 axis

Crespo, María; Nikolic, Ivana; Mora, Alfonso; More

Hepatology. 77(3):874-887, March 2023.

Lipocalin‐2 activates hepatic stellate cells and promotes nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in high‐fat diet–fed Ob/Ob mice

Kim, Kyung Eun; Lee, Jaewoong; Shin, Hyun Joo; More

Hepatology. 77(3):888-901, March 2023.

Macrophage‐derived MLKL in alcohol‐associated liver disease: Regulation of phagocytosis

Wu, Xiaoqin; Fan, Xiude; McMullen, Megan R.; More

Hepatology. 77(3):902-919, March 2023.

Validation of the new 2021 EASL algorithm for the noninvasive diagnosis of advanced fibrosis in NAFLD

Canivet, Clémence M.; Costentin, Charlotte; Irvine, Katharina M.; More

Hepatology. 77(3):920-930, March 2023.

Viral Hepatitis

Identification of novel neutralizing determinants for protection against HCV

Alzua, Garazi P.; Pihl, Anne F.; Offersgaard, Anna; More

Hepatology. 77(3):982-996, March 2023.


van Kleef, Laurens A.; Sonneveld, Milan J.; de Knegt, Robert J.

Hepatology. 77(3):E41-E42, March 2023.


van Kleef, Laurens A.; de Knegt, Robert J.; Brouwer, Willem Pieter

Hepatology. 77(3):E45-E46, March 2023.


van Kleef, Laurens A.; Sonneveld, Milan J.; de Knegt, Robert J.

Hepatology. 77(3):E49-E50, March 2023.


Lee, Yi‐Te; Zhu, Yazhen; Yang, Ju Dong; More

Hepatology. 77(3):E53-E54, March 2023.


Vizzutti, Francesco; Celsa, Ciro; Battaglia, Salvatore; More

Hepatology. 77(3):E57-E58, March 2023.


Subramanian, Pallavi; Gargani, Sofia; Kontoyiannis, Dimitris L.; More

Hepatology. 77(3):E60-E61, March 2023.