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Immune-Mediated Diseases, DILI, and Biliary Tract Disease

Liver Cancer

c‐Rel–dependent Chk2 signaling regulates the DNA damage response limiting hepatocarcinogenesis

Leslie, Jack; Hunter, Jill E.; Collins, Amy; More

Hepatology. 78(4):1050-1063, October 2023.

Liver Pathobiology

Semaphorin 3C exacerbates liver fibrosis

De Angelis Rigotti, Francesca; Wiedmann, Lena; Hubert, Max Ole; More

Hepatology. 78(4):1092-1105, October 2023.

Liver Failure/Cirrhosis/Portal Hypertension

Etiological cure prevents further decompensation and mortality in patients with cirrhosis with ascites as the single first decompensating event

Tonon, Marta; Balcar, Lorenz; Semmler, Georg; More

Hepatology. 78(4):1149-1158, October 2023.



Viral Hepatitis

Predicting liver-related events in NAFLD: A predictive model

Calzadilla-Bertot, Luis; Jeffrey, Gary P.; Wang, Zhengyi; More

Hepatology. 78(4):1240-1251, October 2023.

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