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Current Issue Highlights

Immune-Mediated Diseases

Budesonide as first-line treatment in patients with autoimmune hepatitis seems inferior to standard predniso(lo)ne administration

Díaz-González, Álvaro; Hernández-Guerra, Manuel; Pérez-Medrano, Indhira; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1095-1105, April 2023.

Liver Cancer

Malignant progression of liver cancer progenitors requires lysine acetyltransferase 7–acetylated and cytoplasm‐translocated G protein GαS

Zhou, Ye; Jia, Kaiwei; Wang, Suyuan; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1106-1121, April 2023.

Liver Pathobiology

Probiotic‐derived nanoparticles inhibit ALD through intestinal miR194 suppression and subsequent FXR activation

Jiang, Mengwei; Li, Fengyuan; Liu, Yunhuan; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1164-1180, April 2023.

Liver Failure/Cirrhosis/Portal Hypertension

ALK1 controls hepatic vessel formation, angiodiversity, and angiocrine functions in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia of the liver

Schmid, Christian David; Olsavszky, Victor; Reinhart, Manuel; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1211-1227, April 2023.


Serum FGF19 predicts outcomes of Kasai portoenterostomy in biliary atresia

Nyholm, Iiris; Hukkinen, Maria; Pihlajoki, Marjut; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1263-1273, April 2023.


Apolipoprotein F is reduced in humans with steatosis and controls plasma triglyceride‐rich lipoprotein metabolism

Deprince, Audrey; Hennuyer, Nathalie; Kooijman, Sander; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1287-1302, April 2023.

Viral Hepatitis

Mitochondrial stress in advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis associated with chronic hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis C, or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Loureiro, Dimitri; Tout, Issam; Narguet, Stéphanie; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1348-1365, April 2023.

A multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of Wilson disease: Executive summary of the 2022 Practice Guidance on Wilson disease from the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

Schilsky, Michael L.; Roberts, Eve A.; Bronstein, Jeff M.; More

Hepatology. 77(4):1428-1455, April 2023.