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Immune-Mediated Diseases, DILI, and Biliary Tract Disease

Prolonged administration of a secretin receptor antagonist inhibits biliary senescence and liver fibrosis in Mdr2−/− mice

Wu, Nan; Zhou, Tianhao; Carpino, Guido; More

Hepatology. 77(6):1849-1865, June 2023.

Liver Cancer

Liver Pathobiology

Interleukin‐18 signaling promotes activation of hepatic stellate cells in mouse liver fibrosis

Knorr, Jana; Kaufmann, Benedikt; Inzaugarat, Maria Eugenia; More

Hepatology. 77(6):1968-1982, June 2023.

Liver Failure/Cirrhosis/Portal Hypertension


Viral Hepatitis