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Bile acid-induced IRF3 phosphorylation mediates cell death, inflammatory responses and fibrosis in cholestasis-induced liver and kidney injury via regulation of ZBP1

Zhuang, Yuan; Ortega-Ribera, Martí; Thevkar Nagesh, Prashanth; More

Hepatology. : September 19, 2023

Alcohol-induced extracellular ASC specks perpetuate liver inflammation and damage in alcohol-associated hepatitis even after alcohol cessation

de Carvalho Ribeiro, Marcelle; Iracheta-Vellve, Arvin; Babuta, Mrigya; More

Hepatology. 78(1):225-242, July 2023.


Szabo, Gyongyi; Mitchell, Mack; McClain, Craig J.; More

Hepatology. 76(5):E114-E115, November 2022.

IL‐1 receptor antagonist plus pentoxifylline and zinc for severe alcohol‐associated hepatitis

Szabo, Gyongyi; Mitchell, Mack; McClain, Craig J.; More

Hepatology. 76(4):1058-1068, October 2022.

Lipoprotein Z, a hepatotoxic lipoprotein, predicts outcome in alcohol‐associated hepatitis

Hu, Kunpeng; Perez‐Matos, Maria C.; Argemi, Josepmaria; More

Hepatology. 75(4):968-982, April 2022.

Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Complement in Patients With Alcohol‐Associated Hepatitis

Fan, Xiude; McCullough, Rebecca L.; Huang, Emily; More

Hepatology. 73(3):983-997, March 2021.

Pharmacological Inhibition of CCR2/5 Signaling Prevents and Reverses Alcohol‐Induced Liver Damage, Steatosis, and Inflammation in Mice

Ambade, Aditya; Lowe, Patrick; Kodys, Karen; More

Hepatology. 69(3):1105-1121, March 2019.

Extracellular vesicles from mice with alcoholic liver disease carry a distinct protein cargo and induce macrophage activation through heat shock protein 90

Saha, Banishree; Momen‐Heravi, Fatemeh; Furi, Istvan; More

Hepatology. 67(5):1986-2000, May 2018.


Szabo, Gyongyi; Bala, Shashi

Hepatology. 57(6):2547, June 2013.


Gordon, Fredric D.; Chung, Raymond T.; Curry, Michael P.; More

Hepatology. 54(4):1434A, October 2011.

A prospective study of the rate of progression in compensated, histologically advanced chronic hepatitis C

Dienstag, Jules L.; Ghany, Marc G.; Morgan, Timothy R.; More

Hepatology. 54(2):396-405, August 2011.

Herbal product use by persons enrolled in the hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment Against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) Trial

Seeff, Leonard B.; Curto, Teresa M.; Szabo, Gyongyi; More

Hepatology. 47(2):605-612, February 2008.