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Amadou, Coralie1,2; Nabi, Oumarou3; Serfaty, Lawrence4,5; Lacombe, Karine3; Boursier, Jérôme6,7; Mathurin, Philippe8; Ribet, Céline9; de Ledinghen, Victor10,11; Zins, Marie1,9; Charles, Marie‐Aline12

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Hepatology 77(2):p E18, February 2023. | DOI: 10.1002/hep.32649

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to Mondia et al. This comment raises concerns about preterm birth analysis, which comprised a subgroup of our study population.

First, Mondia et al. point out the lack of information on hospital admission and duration in the neonatal period. The Constances cohort included adult participants ≥18 years old. Birth data were retrospectively collected from health booklets. Indeed, information about neonatal hospitalization information is not always detailed in health booklets and therefore was not collected for the cohort. Second, regarding breastfeeding and early weight catch‐up, there were missing data in our sample. We are currently performing a data cleaning for these variables, but we expect availability for only a subset of the cohort. We agree with Mondia et al. that this data analysis would improve the comprehension of the impact of preterm birth and low birth weight on future health. Finally, congenital or genetic disorders (not accounted for in this analysis) represent a minor cause of prematurity/low birth weight. Nevertheless, we would like to correct the comment regarding metabolic disorders given that we did account for metabolic syndrome in participants through a mediation analysis. Finally, liver biopsy was not considered in this general purposed and observational cohort. However, common causes of liver fibrosis (other than NAFLD) were systematically searched for through a physician‐administrated questionnaire. People with chronic viral hepatitis or excessive alcohol consumption (i.e., >20 and >30 g per day for women and men, respectively) were excluded from our analyses.


Coralie Amadou: methodology; statistical analysis; original draft; review & editing. Oumarou Nabi: review & editing. Lawrence Serfaty: review & editing. Karine Lacombe: review & editing. Jerome Boursier: review & editing. Philippe Mathurin: review & editing. Céline Ribet: review & editing. Victor de Ledinghen: review & editing. Marie Zins: conceptualization; methodology; review & editing. Marie-Aline Charles: conceptualization; methodology; original draft; review & editing.


Coralie Amadou consulted for and received grants from Lilly. She consulted for Medtrum and Diabeloop. She received grants from Sanofi. She had other interests in AstraZeneca. Karine Lacombe consulted for and received grants from Gilead.

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