October 2022 - Volume 6 - Issue : HemaSphere

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October 2022 - Volume 6 - S5, The 12th International Symposium on Hodgkin Lymphoma Abstract Book
pp: 22-22

T001: FDG-PET and serum TARC levels after one cycle of BV-AVD in advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma patients: results from the very early PET-response adapted EORTC-COBRA trial

Diepstra, Arjan; Visser, Lydia; Fortpied, Catherine; More

HemaSphere. 6:1, October 2022.

T002: Treatment related morbidity in patients with classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: results of the ongoing, randomized phase III HD21 Trial by The German Hodgkin Study Group

Borchmann, Peter; Moccia, Alden; Greil, Richard; More

HemaSphere. 6:1-2, October 2022.

P004: Advanced stage classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) patients with a positive interim-PET (PET-2) Deauville score (DS) 5 after 2 ABVD cycles: A pooled analysis of individual patient data of three multicenter trials

Viviani, Simonetta; Pavoni, Chiara; Barrington, Sally F.; More

HemaSphere. 6:2-3, October 2022.

P005: Age, histotype and stage IV are associated with a shorter survival in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma, even the PET-adapted era. A single center retrospective study.

Visentin, Andrea; Cellini, Alessandro; Cavarretta, Chiara Adele; More

HemaSphere. 6:3, October 2022.

P006: Clinical outcome of classical Hodgkin Lymphoma patients receiving systemic anti-lymphoma treatment during SARS-COV-2 positivity: Results from the chemo-covid study on behalf of fondazione italiana linfomi

Rusconi, Chiara; Puccini, Benedetta; Visco, Carlo; More

HemaSphere. 6:3-4, October 2022.

P008: Impact of bone marrow involvement on early PET response and progression-free survival in the HD18 trial for patients with advanced-stage Hodgkin lymphoma

Voltin, Conrad-Amadeus; Kreissl, Stefanie; Kaul, Helen; More

HemaSphere. 6:4, October 2022.

P009: Improved Overall Survival with First-Line Brentuximab Vedotin plus Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Stage III/IV Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Updated Analysis of ECHELON-1

Hutchings, Martin; Ansell, Stephen M.; Connors, Joseph M.; More

HemaSphere. 6:4-5, October 2022.

P012: Nodular Lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma a rare disease with good prognosis: a retrospective multicenter experience

Pierdomenico, Francesca; Marques, Raquel; Neves, Dulcelena; More

HemaSphere. 6:6, October 2022.

P013: Outcomes of first-line treatment (FL) of classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) in Argentina: a real life multicenter retrospective study

Laura, Korin; Otero, Victoria; Mahuad, Carolina; More

HemaSphere. 6:6-7, October 2022.

P015: Real World Escalated BEACOPDac Delivers Similar Outcomes to Escalated BEACOPP While Potentially Reducing Haematopoietic and Reproductive Toxicity

Santarsieri, Anna; Sturgess, Katherine; Brice, Pauline; More

HemaSphere. 6:7-8, October 2022.

P018: Treatment outcomes in classical Hodgkin lymphoma (HL): 5-year update report from the Brazilian Prospective Registry

Biasoli, Irene; Castro, Nelson; Villarim, Carolina Colaço.; More

HemaSphere. 6:9-10, October 2022.

T021: Radiation-Free Therapy as the INitial treatment of Good-prognosis early non-bulky Hodgkin lymphoma, defined by a low Metabolic Tumor Volume and a negative PET-2 - RAFTING Trial.

Gallamini, Andrea; Picardi, Marco; Filonenko, Kateryna; More

HemaSphere. 6:10-11, October 2022.

P025: RADAR: An international phase III, PET response-adapted, randomised trial in progress, comparing ABVD±ISRT with brentuximab vedotin+AVD±ISRT in patients with previously untreated limited-stage classical Hodgkin lymphoma

Radford, John; Adedayo, Toyin; Ardavan, Arzhang; More

HemaSphere. 6:12-13, October 2022.

T028: Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals the interplay between circulating CD4 T cells, B cells and cancer-associated monocytes in classic Hodgkin lymphoma treated with PD-1 blockade

Paczkowska, Julia; Tang, Ming; Wright, Kyle T.; More

HemaSphere. 6:14, October 2022.

P030: Baseline IgM amount can identify patients with adverse outcome despite a PET-2 adapted treatment in classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: results from a real-life single-center study i

Romano, Alessandra; Cerchione, Claudio; Santuccio, Gabriella; More

HemaSphere. 6:14-15, October 2022.

P037: High breadth whole exome sequencing of circulating tumor DNA identifies novel recurrent genetic alterations in Hodgkin lymphoma

Mammadova, Laman; Heger, Jan-Michel; Mattlener, Julia; More

HemaSphere. 6:17-18, October 2022.

P041: Low percentage of T lymphocytes in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lymph nodes, measured by flow cytometry, is associated with inferior progression free survival regardless of negative interim pet scan status

Korin, Laura; Cranco, Santiago; Fuente, Lucia; More

HemaSphere. 6:19, October 2022.

P042: Metabolic regulation of adaptive response to arginine deprivation in Hodgkin Lymphoma

Romano, Alessandra; Scandura, Grazia; Santuccio, Gabriella; More

HemaSphere. 6:19-20, October 2022.

P044: PIM kinases support protumoral and immunosuppressive phenotype and functions of macrophages in classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

Szydłowski, Maciej; Garbicz, Filip; Kurtz, Ewa; More

HemaSphere. 6:20, October 2022.

P051: Serum procalcitonin levels in newly diagnosed classical Hodgkin Lymphoma (cHL): Correlation with other inflammatory biomarkers

Piperidou, Alexia; Zografos, Eleftherios; Vassilakopoulos, Theodoros P.; More

HemaSphere. 6:23, October 2022.

P115: Distinct signaling pathways and checkpoint molecule expression across histological subtypes of nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma

Kalashnikov, Ilja; Kositsky, Rachel; Karjalainen-Lindsberg, Marja-Liisa; More

HemaSphere. 6:25-26, October 2022.

T057: Circulating tumor DNA in classical Hodgkin lymphoma patients treated with pembrolizumab and chemotherapy: dynamic response assessment and correlation with baseline total metabolic tumor volume

Lynch, Ryan C.; Alig, Stefan; Ujjani, Chaitra S.; More

HemaSphere. 6:26-27, October 2022.

T058: Safety and Dose-Expansion Study of Combination Favezelimab (anti–LAG-3) Plus Pembrolizumab in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Refractory to Anti–PD-1 Treatment

Timmerman, John; Lavie, David; Johnson, Nathalie A.; More

HemaSphere. 6:27, October 2022.

P061: Safety and Dose-Expansion Study of Combination Favezelimab (anti–LAG-3) Plus Pembrolizumab in Anti–PD-1–Naive Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

Borchmann, Peter; Johnson, Nathalie A.; Lavie, David; More

HemaSphere. 6:28, October 2022.

T064: Doxorubicin exposure and breast cancer risk in adolescent and adult Hodgkin lymphoma survivors

Neppelenbroek, Suzanne I.M.; Geurts, Yvonne M.G.; Aleman, Berthe M. P.; More

HemaSphere. 6:29-30, October 2022.

T065: Reproduction patterns among Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors Treated with BEACOPP and ABVD in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway

Entrop, Joshua P.; Weibull, Caroline E.; Smedby, Karin E.; More

HemaSphere. 6:30, October 2022.

P073: Increased risk of colorectal cancer following treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma

Geurts, Yvonne M.G.; Shakir, Rebecca; Ntentas, Georgios; More

HemaSphere. 6:33-34, October 2022.

P079: PROCTCAE as a patient-reported outcome measurement (PROM) questionaire in patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma captures different adverse events profile than those reported by physicians

Ramos-Cillan, Sergio; Castillo, Eva; Riesco, Miriam; More

HemaSphere. 6:36, October 2022.

P080: The BETER-REFLECT Biobank: a REsource For studies on Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

Mieras, Adinda; Nijdam, Annelies; Aleman, Berthe M. P.; More

HemaSphere. 6:36-37, October 2022.

T084: Treatment patterns and outcomes for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (HL) patients (pts) aged 60 and older: a report from the Brazilian Prospective Hodgkin’s lymphoma Registry

Goveia, Lilian; Castro, Nelson; De Souza, Carmino; More

HemaSphere. 6:38-39, October 2022.

P085: Epidemiology and results of the first line therapy of HIV-related Hodgkin Lymphoma: Russian retrospective multicenter study

Chekalov, Andrey; Popova, Marina; Tsygankov, Ivan; More

HemaSphere. 6:39, October 2022.

P086: Advancing Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma Research Through NODAL

Flerlage, Jamie E.; Birz, Suzi; Castellino, Sharon M.; More

HemaSphere. 6:39-40, October 2022.

P089: Pembrolizumab in Pediatric and Young Adults Patients With Newly Diagnosed Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma and Slow Early Responders to Frontline Chemotherapy: The Phase 2 KEYNOTE-667 Study

Vinti, Luciana; Daw, Stephen; Alvarez, Constantino Sabado; More

HemaSphere. 6:41, October 2022.

P091: Early analysis of the PRO-Hodgkin study: Clinical investigation of pencil beam scanning proton treatment in Hodgkin lymphoma patients

Goldkuhl, Christina; Dasu, Alexandru; Bäck, Anna; More

HemaSphere. 6:42, October 2022.

P092: Estimating the dosimetric benefit of involved-node radiotherapy in comparison to involved-field radiotherapy - implications from the GHSG HD 17 trial

Oertel, Michael; Hering, Dominik; Nacke, Nina; More

HemaSphere. 6:42, October 2022.

P093: From involved- field to involved-node – Quality analysis of the radiation therapy in HD 17 by the expert panel of the German Hodgkin Study Group

Oertel, Michael; Hering, Dominik; Nacke, Nina; More

HemaSphere. 6:42-43, October 2022.

P094: Long-term outcomes of bulky classic Hodgkin lymphoma managed with a PET-adapted approach demonstrate excellent outcomes in PET-negative cases

Kim, Jowon Laura; Villa, Diego; Tonseth, R. Petter; More

HemaSphere. 6:43, October 2022.

P097: The status quo of involved-field radiotherapy – Quality analysis of radiotherapy in the GHSG HD 16

Oertel, Michael; Hering, Dominik; Kittel, Christopher; More

HemaSphere. 6:44-45, October 2022.

T098: Brentuximab Vedotin plus ESHAP (BRESHAP) versus ESHAP in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Interim Results of the BRESELIBET Prospective Clinical Trial.

Sureda-Balari, Anna; Terol, M. José; Domingo-Domènech, Eva; More

HemaSphere. 6:45, October 2022.

T099: High efficacy and durability of second-line therapy with pembrolizumab, gemcitabine, vinorelbine, and liposomal doxorubicin in the phase II study for relapsed and refractory Hodgkin lymphoma

Moskowitz, Alison J.; Shah, Gunjan; Schöder, Heiko; More

HemaSphere. 6:45-46, October 2022.