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Therapy-related Myeloid Neoplasms in Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Who Received FCR/FC as Frontline Therapy

Laribi, Kamel; Baugier de Materre, Alix; Ghez, David; More

HemaSphere. 6(6):e716, June 2022.

Outcome of COVID-19 in Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma—Report From the European MCL Registry

Tilch, Marie-Kristin; Visco, Carlo; Kinda, Sandra; More

HemaSphere. 6(5):e0711, May 2022.

Efficacy and Safety of the Combination of Tirabrutinib and Entospletinib With or Without Obinutuzumab in Relapsed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Kutsch, Nadine; Pallasch, Christian; Tausch, Eugen; More

HemaSphere. 6(4):e692, April 2022.

Monitoring of Leukemia Clones in B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Diagnosis and During Treatment by Single-cell DNA Amplicon Sequencing

Meyers, Sarah; Alberti-Servera, Llucia; Gielen, Olga; More

HemaSphere. 6(4):e700, April 2022.

Cytogenetics in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: ERIC Perspectives and Recommendations

Baliakas, Panagiotis; Espinet, Blanca; Mellink, Clemens; More

HemaSphere. 6(4):e707, April 2022.

Prognostic Stratification of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Using Clinico-genomic Models: Validation and Improvement of the LymForest-25 Model

Mosquera Orgueira, Adrián; Díaz Arías, Jose Ángel; Cid López, Miguel; More

HemaSphere. 6(4):e706, April 2022.

Serologic Responses to COVID-19 Vaccines in Hematological Patients Are Predominantly Impaired in Lymphoid but not in Myeloid Malignancies

Petzer, Verena; Steiner, Normann; Angelova-Unterberger, Olga; More

HemaSphere. 6(3):e686, March 2022.

Targeting Apoptosis Pathways With BCL2 and MDM2 Inhibitors in Adult B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Hohtari, Helena; Kankainen, Matti; Adnan-Awad, Shady; More

HemaSphere. 6(3):e701, March 2022.

Immunochemotherapy and Maintenance With Obinutuzumab or Rituximab in Patients With Previously Untreated Marginal Zone Lymphoma in the Randomized GALLIUM Trial

Herold, Michael; Hoster, Eva; Janssens, Ann; More

HemaSphere. 6(3):e699, March 2022.

The Peptide–Drug Conjugate Melflufen Modulates the Unfolded Protein Response of Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidogenic Plasma Cells and Induces Cell Death

Flanagan, Ken; Kumari, Romika; Miettinen, Juho J.; More

HemaSphere. 6(3):e687, March 2022.

Limitations of Monitoring Disease Progression Using Circulating Tumor DNA in Lymphoma: An Example From Primary Cutaneous DLBCL Leg-type

Trethewey, Christopher S.; Walter, Harriet S.; Alqahtani, Abdullah N. M.; More

HemaSphere. 6(3):e690, March 2022.

Prolonged Remissions After Nivolumab Plus Gemcitabine/Oxaliplatin in Relapsed/Refractory T-cell Lymphoma

Houot, Roch; Poeschel, Viola; Altmann, Bettina; More

HemaSphere. 6(2):e672, February 2022.

High Prevalence of Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency in a Pediatric T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cohort

Kroeze, Emma; Weijers, Dilys D.; Hagleitner, Melanie M.; More

HemaSphere. 6(1):e668, January 2022.

Obinutuzumab in Allogeneic Transplantation for CLL and Richter’s Transformation in the Age of Targeted Therapies

Pflug, Natali; Chakupurakal, Geothy; Fink, Anna-Maria; More

HemaSphere. 5(12):e664, December 2021.

Management and Outcomes of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder in the Era of PET and Rituximab: A Multicenter Study From the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance

Boyle, Stephen; Tobin, Joshua W. D.; Perram, Jacinta; More

HemaSphere. 5(11):e648, November 2021.

A Phase II Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of the Dual mTORC1/2 and PI3K Inhibitor Bimiralisib (PQR309) in Relapsed, Refractory Lymphoma

Collins, Graham P.; Eyre, Toby A.; Schmitz-Rohmer, Debora; More

HemaSphere. 5(11):e656, November 2021.

Quality Assessment for PCR-based Minimal Residual Disease in Lymphoma: 10 Years of Cross-laboratory Standardization Process Within the Fondazione Italiana Linfomi MRD Network

Mantoan, Barbara; Genuardi, Elisa; Ferrante, Martina; More

HemaSphere. 5(10):e639, October 2021.

Toward Pediatric T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Stratification Based on Minimal Disseminated Disease and NOTCH1/FBXW7 Status

Trinquand, Amélie; Plesa, Adriana; Abdo, Chrystelle; More

HemaSphere. 5(10):e641, October 2021.

Clinicopathologic Characteristics, Treatment, and Outcomes of Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders: A Single-institution Experience Using 2017 WHO Diagnostic Criteria

King, Rebecca L.; Khurana, Arushi; Mwangi, Raphael; More

HemaSphere. 5(10):e640, October 2021.

The mTOR Inhibitor Temsirolimus Added to Rituximab Combined With Dexamethasone, Cytarabine, and Cisplatinum (R-DHAP) for the Treatment of Patients With Relapsed or Refractory DLBCL – Results From the Phase-II STORM Trial

Witzens-Harig, Mathias; Viardot, Andreas; Keller, Ulrich; More

HemaSphere. 5(10):e636, October 2021.

The B-cell Receptor Autoantigen LRPAP1 Can Replace Variable Antibody Regions to Target Mantle Cell Lymphoma Cells

Bewarder, Moritz; Kiefer, Maximilian; Will, Helene; More

HemaSphere. 5(8):e620, August 2021.

Diagnostic Next-generation Sequencing Frequently Fails to Detect MYD88L265P in Waldenström Macroglobulinemia

Kofides, Amanda; Hunter, Zachary R.; Xu, Lian; More

HemaSphere. 5(8):e624, August 2021.

Extranucleolar CYCLON Staining Pattern Is Strongly Associated to Relapse/Refractory Disease in R-CHOP–treated DLBCL

Bouroumeau, Antonin; Bussot, Lucile; Sartelet, Hervé; More

HemaSphere. 5(7):e598, July 2021.

COVID-19 in a Post-transplant Heart Recipient Who Developed Aggressive Lymphoma: A Biphasic Course During Rituximab Treatment

Clerico, Michele; Dogliotti, Irene; Calcagno, Andrea; More

HemaSphere. 5(7):e592, July 2021.

Rituximab Maintenance Versus Observation After Immunochemotherapy (R-CHOP, R-MCP, and R-FCM) in Untreated Follicular Lymphoma Patients: A Randomized Trial of the Ostdeutsche Studiengruppe Hämatologie und Onkologie and the German Low-Grade Lymphoma Study Group

Hirt, Carsten; Hoster, Eva; Unterhalt, Michael; More

HemaSphere. 5(7):e600, July 2021.

COVID-19 in Patients Receiving CD20-depleting Immunochemotherapy for B-cell Lymphoma

Gaitzsch, Erik; Passerini, Verena; Khatamzas, Elham; More

HemaSphere. 5(7):e603, July 2021.

Risk Factors and Mortality of COVID-19 in Patients With Lymphoma: A Multicenter Study

Regalado-Artamendi, Isabel; Jiménez-Ubieto, Ana; Hernández-Rivas, José Ángel; More

HemaSphere. 5(3):e538, March 2021.

Assessing Patients’ Knowledge on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Validation of the ERIC CLL Knowledge Questionnaire in Greece

Karamanidou, Christina; Xochelli, Aliki; Papaioannou, Maria; More

HemaSphere. 5(3):e546, March 2021.

Droplet Digital PCR Improves IG-/TR-based MRD Risk Definition in Childhood B-cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Della Starza, Irene; Nunes, Vittorio; Lovisa, Federica; More

HemaSphere. 5(3):e543, March 2021.

Bone Mineral Density Evolution and Its Determinants in Long-term Survivors of Childhood Acute Leukemia: A Leucémies Enfants Adolescents Study

Tabone, Marie-Dominique; Kolta, Sami; Auquier, Pascal; More

HemaSphere. 5(2):e518, February 2021.

Multiple Myeloma: EHA-ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Dimopoulos, Meletios A.; Moreau, Philippe; Terpos, Evangelos; More

HemaSphere. 5(2):e528, February 2021.

Visceral Leishmaniasis in 2 Patients Treated With Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone: A Possible Correlation With Blunted Immune Response

Hadjiaggelidou, Christina; Vadikolia, Chrysanthi; Verrou, Evgenia; More

HemaSphere. 5(1):e506, January 2021.

Detailed Long-Term Follow-Up of Patients Who Relapsed After the Nordic Mantle Cell Lymphoma Trials: MCL2 and MCL3

Eskelund, Christian Winther; Dimopoulos, Kostas; Kolstad, Arne; More

HemaSphere. 5(1):e510, January 2021.

Complete Tumor Regression by Liposomal Bortezomib in a Humanized Mouse Model of Multiple Myeloma

Deshantri, Anil K.; Fens, Marcel H.A.M.; Ruiter, Ruud W.J.; More

HemaSphere. 4(5):e463, October 2020.

A Phase 2 Study of Nivolumab Using a Fixed Dose of 40 mg (Nivo40) in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma

Lepik, Kirill V.; Fedorova, Liudmila V.; Kondakova, Elena V.; More

HemaSphere. 4(5):e480, October 2020.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Recommendations of the French CLL Study Group (FILO)

Quinquenel, Anne; Aurran-Schleinitz, Thérèse; Clavert, Aline; More

HemaSphere. 4(5):e473, October 2020.

Consensus Statement on the Management of Waldenström Macroglobulinemia Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Talaulikar, Dipti; Advani, Ranjana H.; Branagan, Andrew R.; More

HemaSphere. 4(4):e433, August 2020.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Recipient of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: Life-threatening Features Within the Early Post-engraftment Phase

Oltolini, Chiara; Guidetti, Anna; Ripa, Marco; More

HemaSphere. 4(4):e448, August 2020.

Carfilzomib Combined With Thalidomide and Low-dose Dexamethasone for Remission Induction and Consolidation in Newly Diagnosed Transplant Eligible Patients With Multiple Myeloma: 8 vs 4 Induction Cycles; the Carthadex Trial

Wester, Ruth; Zweegman, Sonja; van der Holt, Bronno; More

HemaSphere. 4(4):e370, August 2020.

Upfront Daratumumab With Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone for POEMS Syndrome

Gavriatopoulou, Maria; Ntanasis-Stathopoulos, Ioannis; Fotiou, Despina; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e381, June 2020.

Response and Survival Outcomes to Ibrutinib Monotherapy for Patients With Waldenström Macroglobulinemia on and off Clinical Trials

Castillo, Jorge J.; Gustine, Joshua N.; Meid, Kirsten; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e363, June 2020.

Results of an Early Access Treatment Protocol of Daratumumab Monotherapy in Spanish Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Alegre, Adrián; de la Rubia, Javier; Sureda Balari, Anna; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e380, June 2020.

A Study of Safety and Efficacy of Nivolumab and Bendamustine (NB) in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma After Nivolumab Monotherapy Failure

Lepik, Kirill V.; Mikhailova, Natalia B.; Kondakova, Elena V.; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e401, June 2020.

Final Results of a Phase I/II Trial of the Combination Bendamustine and Rituximab With Temsirolimus (BeRT) in Relapsed Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Follicular Lymphoma

Hess, Georg; Wagner, Karola; Keller, Ulrich; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e398, June 2020.

Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of West Nile Virus Infection in Patients with Lymphoid Neoplasms: An Italian Multicentre Study

Visentin, Andrea; Nasillo, Vincenzo; Marchetti, Monia; More

HemaSphere. 4(3):e395, June 2020.

Functional Differences Between EBV- and CMV-Specific CD8+ T cells Demonstrate Heterogeneity of T cell Dysfunction in CLL

Hofland, Tom; de Weerdt, Iris; Endstra, Sanne; More

HemaSphere. 4(2):e337, April 2020.