CAR T Cells Special Issue

  • Updated:   4/9/2019
  • Contains:  7 items
Following the launch of the EHA Topics-In-Focus Immunotherapy, HemaSphere will publish articles included in a special issue titled “CAR T cells: hype and hope”. This special issue focuses on the latest developments in the field of CAR T cell therapy.

Controversy Articles

  • Updated:   11/6/2018
  • Contains:  1 items

EHA News

  • Updated:   10/19/2018
  • Contains:  5 items


  • Updated:   10/19/2018
  • Contains:  2 items
HemaPolicy covers topics that relate to European Affairs and the advocacy for hematologists in the European context. HemaSphere welcomes Letters to the Editor for this section. ​


  • Updated:   4/8/2019
  • Contains:  27 items
HemaTopics, the former newsletter exclusively printed for EHA members, is fully integrated into HemaSphere. HemaTopics provides readers with information regarding EHA meetings and activities, discusses hot topics by scientific editors who review articles from international high impact journals in the broad field of hematology.​​​

Journal Club

  • Updated:   1/25/2019
  • Contains:  10 items

Reviews & Guidelines

  • Updated:   4/8/2019
  • Contains:  21 items
Below is a collection of all Review and Guideline articles published by HemaSphere.