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  • Updated:   6/9/2022
  • Contains:  3 items
HemaSphere is pleased to host an ongoing series dedicated to biosimilars in hematology. We trust this ongoing dialogue provides added insight into the benefits, challenges, and changes related to biosimilars in today's hematology landscape.

CAR T-Cell Collection

  • Updated:   3/3/2022
  • Contains:  20 items
Following the launch of the EHA Topics-In-Focus Immunotherapy, HemaSphere is publishing articles included in a special collection titled “CAR T-Cells: Hype and Hope”. This special collection focuses on the latest developments in the field of CAR T-cell therapy.

Controversy Articles

  • Updated:   3/2/2021
  • Contains:  4 items
Below is a collection of all controversy articles published by HemaSphere.


  • Updated:   5/4/2022
  • Contains:  33 items
Below you can find all of HemaSphere's published content related to COVID-19.

EHA News

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  5 items

EHA Research Roadmap

  • Updated:   6/29/2022
  • Contains:  12 items
The EHA Roadmap for European Hematology Research, originally published in 2016, highlighted achievements in the diagnostics & treatment of blood disorders, and informed policy makers and other stakeholders about the urgent clinical & scientific priorities in hematology research and clinical science. In the five years since, advances in the field have been plentiful. As such, during 2021-2022, EHA embarked upon an update of the Research Roadmap, now comprised of 11 peer-reviewed sections (plus 1 introduction), each of which have been published separately for readers' convenience. With this new Research Roadmap, EHA and HemaSphere aim to support a more informed, focused, and funded future for European hematology research.

Gene Therapy

  • Updated:   6/10/2022
  • Contains:  7 items
HemaSphere is pleased to host a special collection focused on gene therapy in hematology. Publications will be added to this special collection on an ongoing basis.


  • Updated:   6/9/2022
  • Contains:  24 items
Below is a collection of all guidelines articles published by HemaSphere. This collection is regularly updated with each monthly issue.


  • Updated:   8/19/2020
  • Contains:  2 items
HemaPolicy covers topics that relate to European Affairs and the advocacy for hematologists in the European context. HemaSphere welcomes Letters to the Editor for this section. ​


  • Updated:   6/9/2022
  • Contains:  77 items
HemaTopics are HemaSphere publications that focus on hot hematology topics such as recent research developments, updates on diagnosis and treatment, policy and guidelines news, and more. HemaTopics are authored by a variety of hematology experts including clinicians and researchers, HemaSphere scientific editors, and professionals within the guidelines and policy arenas.

Journal Club

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  10 items

Reviews & Controversies

  • Updated:   6/9/2022
  • Contains:  79 items
Below is a collection of all Review and Controversy articles published by HemaSphere. This collection is regularly updated with each monthly issue.