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HemaSphere is an open access journal, powered by the European Hematology Association (EHA), and dedicated to supporting hematology patient care, research, and education worldwide.

HemaSphere publishes results of highly relevant basic, translational, and clinical research in hematology. We are especially looking for strong studies reporting novel findings that are of high impact to the field of hematology. Review articles and guideline articles provide clear overviews of new developments and recommendations for patient care.

HemaSphere is the premier hematology information resource, which is covered by the HemaTopics and HemaPolicy sections in the journal. These sections present insightful discussions on all aspects related to hematology, including summaries of important articles, reports of new therapies, discussions on European policy, and other hematology news items.

Manuscript preparation

Please read our current instructions and guidelines ​for preparing and submitting articles.

The instructions PDF, downloadable from the link above, also includes word count and figure limits; however, we are flexible with these aspects so please contact us if you have questions. No special formatting is required at first submission; what is most important is that the science is clearly presented and figures/tables are also clear.

If your manuscript was reviewed at another journal and rejected there, you can submit your (revised) manuscript to us. In that case, please also send us the reviewer comments and your answers how you have revised the manuscript (and what you were not able to change). We will take this into account during the review process.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts must be submitted online at: https://www.editorialmanager.com/hemasphere

HemaSphere does not charge article submission fees.


Article-processing charges (APCs)

HemaSphere is an open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. To provide open access, the journal charges publication fees for each accepted article, except for invited articles. These fees cover all costs, including the peer review process, article production, publication, hosting and archiving. Fees vary by article type.

The APC is charged on acceptance of the article and should be paid within 30 days. Payment must be received in full for the article to be published. ​

Article typesEHA membersNon-members

Tier 1:

Articles, Review Articles, Guideline  Articles, Controversy Articles

50%**€1,269* equivalent ($1,350)

Tier 2:

Letters, Editorials, Perspectives

50%**€635* equivalent ($675)
Tier 3: Comments, HemaTopics, HemaPolicyFREEFREE
All invited manuscripts*** (invited review articles, invited guidelines, invited editorials and invited perspectives)FREEFREE


The above pricing is valid until September 18, 2023.
*USD/EUR equivalent rate of 0.94; please note that all payments will be in USD.
**Current promotional discounts on Article-Processing Charges (APC): 50% discount for EHA members (first and last authors of a manuscript) who are verified members at the time of submission​. Offer valid until December 31, 2023.

***APCs for all contributions on invitation by the Editors will be waived. 

​HemaSphere offers full or partial equitable waivers for accepted articles from low-income and middle-income economies. Eligibility is based on the Research4Life eligibility criteria​. Countries listed in Group A are eligible for the full waiver and countries listed in Group B are eligible for the partial (50%) waiver. The waiver is automatically applied based on the Corresponding Author's country information provided during submission.

To determine your eligibility, visit the Research4Life criteria page at https://www.research4life.org/access/criteria/