The Need for a Consensus Next-generation Sequencing Panel for Mature Lymphoid Malignancies

Sujobert, Pierre; Le Bris, Yannick; de Leval, Laurence; More

HemaSphere. 3(1):e169, February 2019.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemias in Adults: Recommendations From the European Hematology Association and the European LeukemiaNet

Itzykson, Raphael; Fenaux, Pierre; Bowen, David; More

HemaSphere. 2(6):e150, December 2018.

A Novel Inducible Mouse Model of MLL-ENL-driven Mixed-lineage Acute Leukemia

Stavropoulou, Vaia; Almosailleakh, Marwa; Royo, Hélène; More

HemaSphere. 2(4):e51, August 2018.

Molecular Profiling Defines Distinct Prognostic Subgroups in Childhood AML: A Report From the French ELAM02 Study Group

Marceau-Renaut, Alice; Duployez, Nicolas; Ducourneau, Benoît; More

HemaSphere. 2(1):e31, January-February 2018.

A new molecular classifier for pediatric AML by Dr. Hélène Lapillonne and co-workers from the French ELAM02 study group. Based on detailed molecular analyses, including next-generation sequencing, of 385 children with de novo AML enrolled in the prospective ELAM02 trial, a new molecular classifier for pediatric AML is proposed. The overall survival (OS) at 3 years for the entire cohort was estimated at 76% (median follow-up of 59 months). The molecular analysis defined 3 risk groups with respectively 92%, 73% and 46 % OS at 3 years. The new proposed classifier for pediatric AML is different than the ELN classifier for adult AML, and could improve risk stratification in children with AML.

Is Good Clinical Practice Becoming Poor Clinical Care?

Le Gouill, Steven; Dreyling, Martin; Caballero, Maria Dolores; More

HemaSphere. 1(1):e4, December 2017.

In this focused editorial article, Steven Le Gouill and Martin Dreyling highlight the problematic issue of GCP in the documentation of clinical trials. This is a topic that is causing increasing frustration particularly on the clinical side. Do we want to do something about this problem?

Myelofibrosis-Related Anemia: Current and Emerging Therapeutic Strategies

Naymagon, Leonard; Mascarenhas, John

HemaSphere. 1(1):e1, December 2017.

Myelofibrosis is a clonal hematopoietic stem cell disorder characterized by pathological myeloproliferation and aberrant cytokine production that results in progressive fibrosis, inflammation, and functional compromise of the bone marrow niche. Patients with myelofibrosis develop splenomegaly, hypercatabolic symptoms, and anemia. The review by John Mascarenhas discusses established and emerging treatments for myelofibrosis related anemia.

Early Markers of Sickle Nephropathy in Children With Sickle Cell Anemia Are Associated With Red Cell Cation Transport Activity

Brewin, John; Tewari, Sanjay; Hannemann, Anke; More

HemaSphere. 1(1):e2, December 2017.

This new study reports a novel association between red cell cation transport activity and the development of early nephropathy in children with sickle cell anemia. KCl co-transporter and Gardos channel activity, alongside age, were identified as the strongest independent predictors of microalbuminuria. These findings indicate that measurement of these cation transport systems may help to predict those at high risk for sickle organopathy and that these transport systems represent viable pharmaceutical targets.

Reduced-Intensity Chemotherapy in Patients With Advanced-Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: Updated Results of the Open-Label, International, Randomised Phase 3 HD15 Trial by the German Hodgkin Study Group

Engert, Andreas; Goergen, Helen; Markova, Jana; More

HemaSphere. 1(1):e5, December 2017.

In this original article on the treatment of advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma, the German Hodgkin Study Group updated their initial findings on the HD15 trial. With more than ten years of follow-up, this analysis shows that there are more secondary cancers as compared to the first report and, importantly, six cycles of BEACOPP escalated are safer and more effective than eight cycles. This article also highlights the needs of long-term follow-up of clinical trials in this field.