May 2012 - Volume 102 - Issue 5S : Health Physics

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May 2012 - Volume 102 - Supplement 2 5S
pp: S35-S78

Residential Radon Mitigations at Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg: Comparison of Above Ground Level (RIM JOIST) and Above Roof Line Discharge of Radon Mitigation SUB-SLAB Depressurization Systems

Brossard, Mathieu; Brascoupé, Marcel; Ottawa, Celine Brazeau; More

Health Physics. 102(5S):S43-S47, May 2012.

A Method of Discriminating Transuranic Radionuclides from Radon Progeny Using Low-Resolution Alpha Spectroscopy and Curve-Fitting Techniques

Konzen, Kevin; Brey, Richard

Health Physics. 102(5S):S53-S59, May 2012.

Results and Lessons Learned from Radiological/Nuclear Emergency Response Exercise Held in Québec, Canada

Lortie, Dominic; Johnson, Sonia; St-Amant, Nadereh; More

Health Physics. 102(5S):S67-S78, May 2012.