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Potential Hazard Due to Induced Radioactivity Secondary to Radiotherapy: The Report of Task Group 136 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Thomadsen, Bruce; Nath, Ravinder; Bateman, Fred B.; More

Health Physics. 107(5):442-460, November 2014.

Estimation of the Thyroid Equivalent Doses to Residents in Areas Affected by the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Due to Inhalation of 131I Based on Their Behavioral Data and the Latest Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Model Simulation

Kim, Eunjoo; Igarashi, Yu; Hashimoto, Shozo; More

Health Physics. 122(2):313-325, February 2022.

Complementary Lipidomic, Proteomic, and Mass Spectrometry Imaging Approach to the Characterization of the Acute Effects of Radiation in the Non-human Primate Mesenteric Lymph Node after Partial-body Irradiation with Minimal Bone Marrow Sparing

Muller, Ludovic; Huang, Weiliang; Jones, Jace W.; More

Health Physics. 121(4):372-383, October 2021.