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A Little Background Reading

The December issue of Health Physics contains two articles of interest for health physicists doing environmental work. In “Measurement of the background gamma dose rates in Houston, Texas: A descriptive summary of an undergraduate research mentored project performed by students underrepresented in the health physics profession," Anastasia Ozain-Porterie and her colleagues from Texas Southern University (TSU) report the radiation dose you would experience from living in Houston. It is exciting to see undergraduates beginning their health physics career, and as TSU is one of the largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the nation, it is doubly exciting to see the work of young health physicists diversifying our field. For another environmentally focused study but with an international flavor, this issue also has “Measurement of radioactivity in the granites of Pakistan: A review” by Dr. Hannan Younis and colleagues. This issue also contains a couple articles on nonionizing radiation, a couple more on biomarkers, and a couple on statistical techniques. Finally, this is the issue where we recognize our colleagues receiving awards from the Health Physics Society for their outstanding contributions. Finish out 2018 by checking out the December issue of Health Physics!

Please read the latest press release on the Women in Radiation Protection Special Issue!

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