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This month, I want to take the opportunity to encourage readers, especially Health Physics Society (HPS) members, to publish your work in the Health Physics journal. If you are a member of the HPS, this is your home journal, as we are a product of the Society, and the journal is the largest source of revenue for the HPS. But beyond appealing to your loyalty, there are many other reasons to come home with your research:

  • Author-Centered Philosophy: The editorial staff of Health Physics prioritizes helping our authors navigate the publication process. Publishing your work can be intimidating, especially for new authors and sometimes for our senior members, and we go out of our way to help make it as painless as possible.
  • Hassle-Free Submissions: Do you have a paper that you submitted elsewhere but things didn’t work out? Maybe you wrote a technical report and want to get that work into the peer-reviewed literature. No need to painstakingly reformat those papers into Health Physics format before submitting it. We will send your work through peer-review, and only if your paper is accepted will it be necessary to adopt our style guidelines.
  • Making an Impact: Our Impact Factor is competitive with other radiation-focused journals.
  • Neutral Forum: As the Editor-In-Chief of Health Physics, I am committed to making the journal a forum for diverse scientific opinions and viewpoints, free from censorship and bias. This is the place to engage with your peers, read provocative ideas, challenge and be challenged, and sharpen your thinking!
  • Hitting the Target: Health Physics is the leading radiation safety journal in North America. The people who fund your research and the people who are interested in your work are HPS members and get the Health Physics journal as a benefit of membership. These are the people you want to see your work!
  • Financial Relief: We have a limited fund to cover page charges for HPS members who are students and for members who are retired and lack institutional support. We value our students and retirees, and we make every effort to make publishing your work affordable.

I hope you will make Health Physics your first choice for publishing your work. We really do value our authors. Please reach out to me (email: [email protected]) if you need any help or have questions about publishing your work in the Health Physics journal!

Published April 2022

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