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​This year has certainly been a lively one for our field, and the November issue of Health Physics provides a neutral forum for the latest developments in multiple ongoing robust conversations. Professor Ed Calabrese builds on his controversial presentations at the St. Louis IRPA meeting earlier this year and his plenary lecture at the HPS Spokane meeting in July with his paper, “Ethical Issues in the US 1956 National Academy of Sciences BEAR I Genetics Panel Report to the Public." Back in February, the Journal published a paper by Dr. Ken Skrable and colleagues examining the role of anthropogenic CO2 in climate change by studying atmospheric 14C. This paper provoked a flurry of social media attention and numerous letters to the editor. In the best tradition of peer critique, those letters raised some issues for Skrable et al. to consider, and their examination of one those issues appears in their letter, “Components of CO2 in 1750 through 2018 Corrected for the Perturbation of the 14CO2 Bomb Spike" in the November issue. And finally, in the April issue we presented a forum on extravasation. The November issue includes another paper on this topic, “Practical Tools for Patient-specific Characterization and Dosimetry of Radiopharmaceutical Extravasation," by Sean Wilson. Be sure to keep up with these controversial discussions, and check out the rest of the papers in the November issue.

Published April 2022

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