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A Two-Edged Sword 


The November issue of Health Physics contains several articles on medical/veterinary applications of ionizing radiation. As we all know, high doses of ionizing radiation delivered at high dose-rates increase risks of cancer and, in extreme cases, may cause acute tissue damage. However, at much lower doses, radiation is an invaluable tool to diagnose and treat disease. Health physicists working in the medical arena appreciate that radiation is truly a two-edged sword. Be sure to check out the following medical health physics articles in the November issue: 


Evaluation of Radiation Shielding Requirements and Self-shielding Characteristics for a Novel Radiosurgery System, by Qinjan Cao, Jun Tan, Yue Ren, Wanchun Xiong, Xiaofeng Wei and Wei Cheng 
Reply to Sacks, by Fleur Wit, Colinda C.J.J. Vroonland and Harmen Bijward

Editor's Pick:

Organ Dose Reconstruction Applicable for a Japanese Nuclear Worker Cohort: J-EPISODE​, by Hiroshige Furuta, Kaoru Sato, Akemi Nishide, Shin’ichKudo and Shin Saigusa

Published January 2021

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