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The August issue of Health Physics is a special issue highlighting 50 years of research at the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR). As Matthew Moury, the Department of Energy Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security, eloquently said in a commendation letter to the USTUR:

"The Nation owes a great deal of debt to the former nuclear workers who, as volunteer Registrants, continued to serve their country in the cause of advancing science. Their ultimate sacrifice, along with that of their loved ones honoring their wishes, has enabled USTUR to obtain, preserve, and make available for future research samples of tissues at autopsy. Because of their selfless acts, the scientists are able to develop more reliable epidemiological studies, more accurately project risks, and ultimately better protect the safety and health of current and future generations of nuclear workers through more effective standards for radiological protection. Their contribution and the difference they have made will not be forgotten".

Read about the research enabled by former nuclear workers' selfless sacrifices in the August issue.

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