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The February issue of Health Physics is a smorgasbord of articles from several concentrations across our field. We lead off with a fresh selection of environmental and radon appetizers, including Dr. Hugo Velasco’s, “Temporal attenuation of gamma dose rate in air due to radiocesium downward mobility in soil”, Prof. M.A. Misdaq’s, “Study of alpha and beta radioactivity of clay originating from the radionuclides of the 238U and 232Th series and resulting radiation doses to the skin of potters​”, and Dr. Rong Yang’s, “Influence of neutralization accelerated by soak method on the radon exhalation of cement-based materials​”. Dr. Sandor Demeter has prepared a hearty main course, “Economic considerations for radiation protection in medical settings – is it time for a new paradigm?”, which pairs nicely with Dr. Adnan Lahham’s offering, “Evaluation of Radiation Doses in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Conventional Chest X-ray Examination​." And finally, we have a hand-picked slate of external and internal dosimetry dessert selections including Dr. Edward Waller’s, “Encapsulated gamma source contact dose conversion factors: updating NCRP-40 guidance​”, Dr. Bin Zhang’s, “Effective dose coefficients for intakes of uranium via contaminated wounds for reference adults”, Dr. Sung-Joon Ye’s, “Dependence of radiation-induced signals on geometry of tooth enamel using a 1.15 GHz electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer: improvement of dosimetric accuracy”, Mr. Jin-xu Lv’s, “Design and implementation of Matryoshka-type neutron spectrometer” and, “Analysis of long-term quality control data for a Cs-137 dosimetry calibration source”. The February issue of Health Physics is a feast. Pull up a chair and dig in!

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Economic considerations for radiation protection in medical settings – is it time for a new paradigm?

Published January 2021

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