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The May issue of Health Physics presents a paper from one of the giants in the health physics community: Dr. Antone Brooks. I have had the pleasure of attending multiple talks Dr. Brooks has given on the topic of low-dose radiation risks. He has a rare gift for gently taking his audience by the hand, charming them with his authentic folksy style, and gaining their confidence by making complex topics understandable. He is also one of the foremost experts on the topic, having led the Department of Energy's Low Dose Radiation Research Program. In their paper, How the Science of Radiation Biology Can Help Reduce the Crippling Fear of Low-level Radiation," Dr. Brooks and his colleagues answer five important questions that have contributed to the fear of low-dose radiation in a way everyone can understand. I consider this paper to be one of the most important we have published in the Health Physics journal in recent memory, and I strongly encourage you to read and share it.

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How the Science of Radiation Biology Can Help Reduce the Crippling Fear of Low-level Radiation

Published April 2022

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