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As I reviewed the contents of the April 2021 issue of Health Physics, I was struck by the geographical distribution of the authors. We have papers from eight US states, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iran and China – and that’s just the corresponding authors! Radiation safety is truly a nationwide and global enterprise, and the Journal is a vital resource to learn from our colleagues around the world.

On a separate note, you may be aware that the Journal has a program to waive page charges for student-authored papers. The goal of this program is to encourage young health physicists to share their work during a phase of their careers when they may not have the financial resources to do so. By the same logic, we have decided to expand this successful program to our senior colleagues too. Many health physicists no longer have institutional support to cover publication charges once they retire, but they still have a career’s worth of experience to share. To be eligible to apply for the page charge waiver, authors must be:
1. Either (a) enrolled as a student at a college or university and provide a signed
Student Page Charge Waiver Form at the time they submit their paper, or (b) retired from full-time employment and lacking institutional support;
2. The first author listed on the paper;
3. A member of the Health Physics Society.
Please note that a page charge waiver depends on available funding, and is therefore not guaranteed even if the criteria above are met.

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Published January 2021

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