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Last month, Health Physics highlighted the activities of our Canadian colleagues. This month, we go global. Khethiwe Margaret Sethole and her colleagues takes us to South Africa with their article, “The level of compliance with the use of personal radiation monitoring devices by qualified radiographers at Provincial hospitals in the city of Tshwane”. Then it is off to Russia for M.O. Degteva and colleagues’, “Enhancements in the Techa River Dosimetry System: TRDS-2016D code for reconstruction of deterministic estimates of dose from environmental exposures”. Next, to China for Lailai Qin and colleagues’, “Evaluation of dose derived from HTO for adults in the vicinity of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant”. And finally, to the Middle East with Dr. Adnan Lahham and Haitham Ayyad’s paper, “Personal exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields among Palestinian adults”. The world is your oyster with the October issue of Health Physics.

Current Issue

The Effects of Radiation and Emitted Light Transport on the Positional Response of 11 cm × 42.5 cm × 5.5 cm NaI(Tl) Detectors

Noey, Jordan D.; Xiao, Jeffery B.; DiFulvio, Angela; More

Health Physics. 117(4):362-377, October 2019.