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Low radiation doses, low dose-rates, and their biological effects are again a hot topic in the June issue of Health Physics. David Kocher and Owen Hoffman argue that the effectiveness of low-energy radiation in causing cancer is more uncertain than the most recent NCRP report on the subject presents. Abel Gonzalez asserts that the fundamental limits of radiation epidemiology preclude it from illuminating low dose, low dose-rate effects, and David Kocher and colleagues weigh in on the matter. Bill Sacks and Greg Meyerson review assumptions and conventions that they assert bias studies in favor of a linear no-threshold model and against hormesis. The effects of the radiation exposures typical of today’s occupational and environmental scenarios is one of the most relevant and contentious contemporary topics in radiation protection. Readers will certainly benefit from the fresh insights provided by these respected members of our field.

Editor Pick: Linear No-threshold (LNT) vs. Hormesis: Paradigms, Assumptions, and Mathematical Conventions that Bias the Conclusions in Favor of LNT and Against hormesis

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