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It happened with a blinding flash followed by a deafening roar in the New Mexico desert at 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945. Trinity was the first detonation of a nuclear device, and demonstrated the feasibility of a nuclear weapon of the same design as the Fat Man bomb that decimated Nagasaki less than a month later. The October issue of Health Physics is a special issue focused on the estimation of radiation doses and the projection of biological effects experienced by the residents of New Mexico from the Trinity test. Drs. Steve Simon, Andre Bouville, Nancy Potischman, and Harold Beck and their colleagues present their studies on various aspects of the dose reconstruction effort. Drs. John Boice and Elizabeth Cahoon and their colleagues present their estimates of pregnancy and genetic effects, and cancer risks from Trinity. Be sure to read the October issue, and learn about Trinity – the event that changed the course of history in a flash.

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Estimated Radiation Doses Received by New Mexico Residents from the 1945 Nuclear Trinity Test

Published December 2019

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