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WIth the world in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems especially appropriate to focus our attention on the safety of medical workers and patients. The June issue of Health Physics includes four articles on radiation safety in medicine. Chase Foreman and Dr. Saheen Dewji consider the "Estimation of External Dose Rates to Hotel Workers from I-131 Patients" and Prof. Zaid Q. Ababneh and colleagues present an "Assessment of Patients Raiation Dose During Conventional Diagnostic X-ray Examinations in Three Public Hospitals in Northern Jordan Using TLDs." Kenta Kijima and colleagues report a "Reduction of the Occupational Exposure Using a Novel Tungsten-Containing Rubber in Interventional Radiology", and finally, a word from the world of veterinary medicine, Dr. Richard E. Wendt presents "Radiation Safety Considerations in the Treatment of Canine Skeletal Conditions Using 153Sm, 90Y, and 117mSn".

On another note, while many of us are quarantined, why not use the time productively and polish off that half-finished draft manuscript lingering in the depths of your hard drive? Our pipeline of new articles is a little light at the moment, and we would welcome your papers! Please accept our socially distant best wishes for continued safety from all of us here at the Health Physics journal. Don't forget to wash your hands!

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Estimation of External Dose Rates to Hotel Workers from I-131 Patients

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