Special Issue of the Global Conference of Radiation Topics (ConRad), Munich 2017

ConRad 2017, the Global Conference on Radiation Topics, Preparedness, Response, Protection and Research offered a unique opportunity for professional and multidisciplinary exchange of experience and expertise in the diversified field of radiation sciences. Within this special issue we are proud to present selected manuscript of our meeting.

ConRad takes place every 2 years in Munich under the auspices of the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology. For more information about our next meeting check: www.radiation-medicine.de

Taming Fluoroscopy Doses

There is little doubt that medical imaging saves millions of lives, and represents a huge public health advance over exploratory surgery. While the radiation risks, if any, of lower-dose imaging techniques like conventional radiography and computed tomography is the subject of intense debate, there is no question that fluoroscopy involves radiation doses high enough to cause health effects if not appropriately managed. The June issue of Health Physics contains two articles that will be of interest to medical health physicists, healthcare providers, and patients undergoing fluoroscopy: “Estimating fluoroscopic peak skin dose using manual calculations” by Kendall Berry, and “Radiation protection in interventional fluoroscopy: Results of a survey among Dutch hospitals” by Dr. Harmen Bijwaard and colleagues. Check them out!

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