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The November issue of Health Physics presents our latest installment of Medical Countermeasures Against Radiological Threats (MCART). This round of papers builds on four similar issues previously presented in Health Physics in this area. We last visited this topic in March and April 2019. Radiation biology, biomarkers, medical countermeasures, and predicting clinical outcomes of radiation exposures – it’s all here in the November issue.

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Published December 2019

Current Issue

Acute Radiation-induced Lung Injury in the Non-human Primate: A Review and Comparison of Mortality and Co-morbidities Using Models of Partial-body Irradiation with Marginal Bone Marrow Sparing and Whole Thorax Lung Irradiation

MacVittie, Thomas J.; Farese, Ann M.; Parker, George A.; More

Health Physics. 119(5):559-587, November 2020.

Evaluation of Plasma Biomarker Utility for the Gastrointestinal Acute Radiation Syndrome in Non-human Primates after Partial Body Irradiation with Minimal Bone Marrow Sparing through Correlation with Tissue and Histological Analyses

Kumar, Praveen; Wang, Pengcheng; Tudor, Gregory; More

Health Physics. 119(5):594-603, November 2020.

Proteomic Evaluation of the Natural History of the Acute Radiation Syndrome of the Gastrointestinal Tract in a Non-human Primate Model of Partial-body Irradiation with Minimal Bone Marrow Sparing Includes Dysregulation of the Retinoid Pathway

Huang, Weiliang; Yu, Jianshi; Liu, Tian; More

Health Physics. 119(5):604-620, November 2020.

Development of a Model of the Acute and Delayed Effects of High Dose Radiation Exposure in Jackson Diversity Outbred Mice; Comparison to Inbred C57BL/6 Mice

Patterson, Andrea M.; Plett, P. Artur; Chua, Hui Lin; More

Health Physics. 119(5):633-646, November 2020.