Articles by Lawrence T. Dauer

Status of NCRP Scientific Committee 1‐23 Commentary on Guidance on Radiation Dose Limits for the Lens of the Eye

Dauer, Lawrence T.; Ainsbury, Elizabeth A.; Dynlacht, Joseph; More

Health Physics. 110(2):182-184, February 2016.

Radiation Safety Considerations for the Use of 223RaCl2 DE in Men with Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer

Dauer, Lawrence T.; Williamson, Matthew J.; Humm, John; More

Health Physics. 106(4):494-504, April 2014.

Radioactive Seed Localization With 125I For Nonpalpable Lesions Prior to Breast Lumpectomy and/or Excisional Biopsy: Methodology, Safety, and Experience of Initial Year

Dauer, Lawrence T.; Thornton, Cynthia; Miodownik, Daniel; More

Health Physics. 105(4):356-365, October 2013.