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I write these pieces a few months ahead of the journal issue they accompany. As I write this, July is still a few months away, but the Society leadership has announced that the Annual Meeting this year will follow a hybrid model (i.e., it will have both online and in person components) after being in person up to 2019 and online in 2020. This will be an interesting experiment, and I wonder if it is the wave of the future? I will be attending in person, and I am looking forward to seeing colleagues in Phoenix after being isolated for the past year and a half. While this meeting model is new, some things remain the same – no matter how you are participating, I want to invite all of you to convert your presentations, continuing education lectures, professional enrichment program talks, and posters into full length papers, notes, or operational topics articles for Health Physics or Operational Radiation Safety. Instructions for authors can be found here:

As you all know, membership in the Health Physics Society offers many benefits, including reduced registration fees for the Annual Meeting. But you may not know that your membership dues also contribute to the fund that allows students to apply for a waiver of page charges for publishing their work in the Journal. We have recently expanded this program to also include retirees who lack institutional support. I encourage students and retirees to take advantage of this benefit, and send in your work. We want your manuscripts!

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Published January 2021

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