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​​The September issue of Health Physics once again provides a snapshot of radiation safety research around the world. Close to home, Michael D. McMahon and Jeffery C. Chancellor present their study, “Accident Simulation Study for Nuclear Power Plants Impacting Louisiana: Differences in 2017 vs. 1992 Protective Action Guidelines”. Farther afield, Mengxue Li and colleagues report on their “Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Eye Lens Dosimetry for Interventional Radiology Workers in China during 2017-2019”. But wait – there’s more! Radiation safety even goes to outer space with Amy Zhu’s and Johnny Stone’s, “Bearing Extremes: Impacts from Simulated Outer Space Conditions and Effective Ultraviolet Radiation Shielding Materials on Tardigrade Life History”. Be sure to peruse the September issue and catch the latest research from around the world, and beyond! ​​

Published April 2022

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