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  • Updated:   4/27/2023
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Surveillance of Depleted Uranium-exposed Gulf War Veterans: More Evidence for Bone Effects

McDiarmid, Melissa A.; Gaitens, Joanna M.; Hines, Stella; More

Health Physics. 120(6):671-682, June 2021.

Biological Dosimetry Network in Africa: Establishment of a Dose-Response Curve Using Telomere and Centromere Staining

Soumboundou, Mamadou; Nkengurutse, Innocent; Dossou, Julien; More

Health Physics. 117(6):618-624, December 2019.

Response to González

Kocher, David C.; Apostoaei, A. Iulian; Hoffman, F. Owen

Health Physics. 116(6):831, June 2019.

Lifelong Residual bone Marrow Damage in Murine Survivors of the Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome (H-ARS): A Compilation of Studies Comprising the Indiana University Experience

Chua, Hui Lin; Plett, P. Artur; Fisher, Alexa; More

Health Physics. 116(4):546-557, April 2019.