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Internal Dosimetry

  • Updated:   4/27/2023
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Estimation of the Thyroid Equivalent Doses to Residents in Areas Affected by the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Due to Inhalation of 131I Based on Their Behavioral Data and the Latest Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Model Simulation

Kim, Eunjoo; Igarashi, Yu; Hashimoto, Shozo; More

Health Physics. 122(2):313-325, February 2022.

Interpretation of Enhanced Fecal and Urinary Plutonium Excretion Data under a 2-y Regular DTPA Treatment Started Months after Intake

Grémy, Olivier; Blanchin, Nicolas; Miccoli, Laurent

Health Physics. 121(5):494-505, November 2021.

Interpretation of Enhanced Fecal and Urinary Plutonium Excretion Data under a 2-year Regular DTPA Treatment Started Months after Intake

Determination of the Kinetic Parameters for 123I Uptake by the Thyroid, Thyroid Weights, and Thyroid Volumes in Present-day Healthy Japanese Volunteers

Kudo, Takashi; Inano, Akihiro; Midorikawa, Sanae; More

Health Physics. 118(4):417-426, April 2020.

Thyroid Dose Estimates for a Cohort of Belarusian Persons Exposed in Utero and During Early Life to Chernobyl Fallout

Drozdovitch, Vladimir; Minenko, Victor; Kukhta, Tatiana; More

Health Physics. 118(2):170-184, February 2020.

Numerical Simulation Based on Individual Voxel Phantoms for a Sophisticated Evaluation of Internal Doses Mainly From 131I in Highly Exposed Workers Involved in the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident

Kunishima, Naoaki; Tani, Kotaro; Kurihara, Osamu; More

Health Physics. 116(5):647-656, May 2019.

Comparative Study of Performance using Five Different Gamma-ray Spectrometers for Thyroid Monitoring under Nuclear Emergency Situations

Hosoda, Masahiro; Iwaoka, Kazuki; Tokonami, Shinji; More

Health Physics. 116(1):81-87, January 2019.

Early Intake of Radiocesium by Residents Living Near the Tepco Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant After the Accident. Part 2: Relationship Between Internal Dose and Evacuation Behavior in Individuals

Kunishima, Naoaki; Kurihara, Osamu; Kim, Eunjoo; More

Health Physics. 112(6):512-525, June 2017.