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Health Physics, the official journal of the Health Physics Society, provides radiation protection information to professionals on a variety of topics regarding radiation safety and with interest in:​
  • Nuclear Power
  • Medical Physics
  • Theoretical practice and applied disciplined of epidemiology and radiation effects​​
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation biology and medicine​
  • Fate and transport of radioactive materials in biological systems

Operational Radiation Safety, Health Physics ​quarterly supplement, provides current information about the topics that are focused on a number of areas of radiation protection practice, including: ​
  • New methods, tools, and techniques
  • ​Environmental and operational radiation safety

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Health Physics, first published in 1958, has provided a wide variety of radiation safety professionals including health physicists, nuclear chemists, and physicians with interest in nuclear and radiological medicine to stay on the cutting edge of scientific and technological advances in the field of radiation safety for these and other disciplines in science and engineering. With the many advances in medicine, industry and research using radioactive materials and radiation machines, there is an ongoing need for cutting edge information on radiation safety.​