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Radiation Dose and the Impacts on Exposed Populations: Tenth Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address Q&A

Cassata, James

doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000026
Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address
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Do you expect any thyroid cancers due to radiation from Fukushima?

NO, BECAUSE of very low or negligible internal exposure of thyroid glands to radioiodines in children by the accident in Fukushima. However, public concern has pressed for thyroid ultrasound screening in children that may increase the detection rate of childhood thyroid cancers, many that are indolent and would not necessarily come to clinical attention without the special screening of asymptomatic children.

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Have any plans for allowing people to return to the evacuated areas been developed?

Yes. Using the International Commission on Radiological Protection recommendation reference level less than 20 mSv y−1, a step-by-step reentry plan has been initiated.

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What are the plans for changing or modifying Emergency Planning Zones?

Plans are under discussion, and soon the Japanese authority, such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Japan, will deliver such planning.

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Do you have data on the radiation workers? Can you elaborate on issues with your potassium-iodide policy?

No, but the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Ministry of Health in Japan have such data. The potassium-iodide policy is also now under revision in Japan focusing on predistribution and more extension of the areas prepared.

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Could you discuss your control group for the two million-person Fukushima health survey? Have you considered the unaffected Okinawa population?

Yes, we have already planned to compare the different areas using the control group inside and outside Fukushima, but not in Okinawa.

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Would Japan consider allowing NCRP and other scientific organizations to hold meetings within the exclusion zone? This could help to assuage public fears.

Yes, we are welcome to cooperate with NCRP and other international sound organizations to assuage a radiation phobia of the public not only within but also outside the exclusion zone in Fukushima.

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