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Health Physics Society Prospectus: An Affiliate of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)

doi: 10.1097/01.HP.0000442725.41826.90
Health Physics Society Prospectus
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The Health Physics Society is a professional organization whose mission is excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety. Society activities include encouraging research in radiation science, developing standards, and disseminating radiation safety information. Society members are involved in understanding, evaluating, and controlling the potential risks from radiation relative to the benefits.

The activities of the Society are those appropriate to the accomplishment of the mission, including (1) promoting cooperation and communication among people engaged in radiation protection activities within particular geographical, functional, and technical areas through chapters and sections; (2) providing for the dissemination and exchange of information through scientific and professional meetings, education, and publications; (3) encouraging scientific, professional, and public education; (4) promoting scientific research; (5) encouraging and supporting the development and use of radiation protection standards and recommendations; and (6) pursuing other activities appropriate to radiation safety.

The Society has approximately 5,000 members in 48 countries and has established 42 chapters in the United States, 2 chapters in non-U.S. countries, 12 student branches, and 8 technical sections. The membership of the Society is divided into two general subdivisions – Voting Members and Nonvoting Members. Classes of voting membership are Plenary, Fellow, Emeritus, and Life. Classes of nonvoting membership are Associate, Student, Section, and Affiliate. Voting members are entitled to hold office in the Society. Student, Section, and Affiliate members may hold office in their respective groups. Dues are set each year by the Board of Directors. Application forms for membership are available from the office of the Executive Director and on the Society website.

The official publications of the Society include the monthly journal Health Physics, the quarterly magazine Operational Radiation Safety, and the electronic newsletter Health Physics News. The Society edits Health Physics, the official journal of the Health Physics Society and the only journal devoted exclusively to the field of health physics. Health Physics is available to nonmembers at a moderate cost. Health Physics News is posted in the Members Only section of the Society website for all members, regardless of class. It regularly carries meeting notices, technical news, letters, book reviews, employment opportunities, and other Society communications. A subscription to all publications of the Society is included in the yearly membership dues. (All memberships are calendar year, January through December; any application received after 1 October will be processed for the following year.)

The Society maintains a website ( that provides the most current information about the Society, including public-education materials, official positions of the Society, and the Members Only area.

The Society is affiliated with the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP), the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), and other professionally related societies and institutions. As an affiliate of IRPA, the Society lends support to the promotion of health physics activities throughout the world. As the secretariat for ANSI Committees N13 (radiation protection) and N43 (radiation-producing equipment), the Society is provided with a mechanism to contribute toward good practices in radiation safety through the development of national standards.

The Society holds an annual meeting each summer (usually June or July). The Society also sponsors a topical symposium each winter (usually January or February). Information on these meetings is given on the Society’s website and in the official publications or may be obtained from the Office of the Executive Director. These meetings include presentations on scientific endeavors and practical experience of specialists in radiation safety and exhibits of radiation safety equipment and services.

The Society recognizes both members and nonmembers for their contributions to the field of health physics. The Elda E. Anderson Award is presented each year to an outstanding young member of the Society for excellence in research or development, discovery or invention, or other significant contributions to the profession of health physics. The Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions of fundamental significance for the profession. The Founders Award recognizes members for exceptional contributions to the advancement of the Society or the field of radiation safety. The Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal recognizes scientific achievement and other accomplishments as exemplified by the late Professor Robley Evans. The Distinguished Public Service Award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the profession of health physics while in public service or service to the general public that significantly contributes to the relationship between the public and the health physics profession. The Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award honors a teacher who has made significant contributions to educating students in topics related to the field of radiation safety. The National Student Science Award recognizes outstanding contributions by students in grades 6–12 to the understanding of the applications of radiation and its impact on the environment and health. Senior members of the Society who have made significant administrative, educational, and/or scientific contributions to the profession of health physics are awarded the status of Fellows of the Society. The Health Physics Honor Roll posthumously honors Society members who significantly contributed to the profession of health physics during their careers, but were not otherwise honored by the Society during their lifetimes. In addition to these individual awards, the Society also provides numerous lectureships, scholarships and travel grants in support of health physics activities.

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President: Darrell R. Fisher, 229 Saint St., Richland, WA 99354.

President-elect: Barbara L. Hambrick, CHP, 34 La Sierra Drive, Pomona, CA 91766

Secretary: Elizabeth M. Brackett, CHP, 64 Sutton Drive, Vernon, CT 06066-5716

Treasurer: Nancy M. Daugherty, CHP, 511 N. Belmont St., LaFayette, CO 80026-1732

Treasurer-elect: Kathleen L. Shingleton, CHP, LLNL, L-384, PO Box 808, Livermore, CA 94551-9900

Past President: Armin J. Ansari, CHP, 708 Hexham Court, Suwanee, GA 30024

Executive Director: Brett J. Burk, Health Physics Society, 1313 Dolley Madison Boulevard, Suite 402, Mclean, VA 22101

Board of Directors

Darrell R. Fisher, Chairman of the Board, 2014

Armin J. Ansari, CHP, 2016 John J. Lanza, CHP, 2015

Elizabeth M. Brackett, CHP, 2015 Mark A. Miller, CHP, 2014

Nancy M. Daugherty, CHP, 2014 Cheryl L. Olson, CHP, 2016

Barbara L. Hambrick, CHP, 2016 Sarah J. Roberts, CHP, 2014

Tracy A. Ikenberry, CHP, 2016 Kathleen L. Shingleton, CHP, 2015

L. Samuel Keith, CHP, 2014 David R. Simpson, CHP, 2016

Steven H. King, CHP, 2015 Michael G. Stabin, CHP, 2015

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59th 2014 Baltimore, Maryland

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