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November/December 2021 - Volume 36 - Issue 6

  • John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP
    Electronic Editor:
    Nazanin Bahraini, PhD
    Associate Editors:
    Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP
    Lisa A. Brenner, PhD, ABPP
    Brad G. Kurowski, MD, MS
    James Malec, PhD, ABPP
  • 0885-9701
  • 1550-509X
  • 6 issues / year
  • Rehabilitation 11/68
    Clinical Neurology 94/204
  • 2.814

On this Veterans Day, Issue 6 2021 of JHTR is dedicated in its entirety to Military TBI with studies of both Veterans and Active Duty Service Members. This is our second compilation of articles on military-related TBI in 2021—indeed nearly one-quarter of the articles we published this year have been military-related. As would be expected, mechanisms of injury studied include both blast and non-blast etiologies. A number of articles address psychological factors, especially PTSD. JHTR is pleased to be a cutting-edge source of evidence on TBI among Veterans and Service Members.​


John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP



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Psychosocial and Functional Predictors of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Veterans and Service Members With TBI: A VA TBI Model Systems Study

Benavides, Angela M.; Finn, Jacob A.; Tang, Xinyu; More

Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 36(6):397-407, November/December 2021.

Race/Ethnicity and Community Participation Among Veterans and Service Members With Traumatic Brain Injury: A VA Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study

Stevens, Lillian Flores; Ketchum, Jessica M.; Sander, Angelle M.; More

Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 36(6):408-417, November/December 2021.