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January/February 2023 - Volume 38 - Issue 1

  • John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP
    Electronic Editor:
    Nazanin Bahraini, PhD
    Associate Editors:
    Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP
    Lisa A. Brenner, PhD, ABPP
    Brad G. Kurowski, MD, MS
    James Malec, PhD, ABPP
  • 0885-9701
  • 1550-509X
  • 6 issues / year
  • Rehabilitation 19/68
    Clinical Neurology 123/212
  • 3.117

​​Happy New Year! This first issue of 2023 includes a major update to the groundbreaking INCOG guidelines for cognitive rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury (TBI). As Topical Issue Co-Editor, Mark Bailey explains the INCOG 2.0 guidelines reflect the rapid pivot to telehealth-assisted rehabilitation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as new tools to aid in translating the updated recommendations into clinical practice. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Jennie Ponsford led the revision of these important practice guidelines and once again have overseen a thorough, detailed and evidence-informed process. Issue 1 also contains 8 articles focusing on various aspects of clinical practice.​ We hope you enjoy this issue.​


John D. Corrigan,​ PhD, ABPP



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The Future of INCOG (Is Now)

Bragge, Peter; Bayley, Mark Theodore; Velikonja, Diana; More

Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 38(1):103-107, January/February 2023.