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January/February 2022 - Volume 37 - Issue 1

  • John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP
    Electronic Editor:
    Nazanin Bahraini, PhD
    Associate Editors:
    Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP
    Lisa A. Brenner, PhD, ABPP
    Brad G. Kurowski, MD, MS
    James Malec, PhD, ABPP
  • 0885-9701
  • 1550-509X
  • 6 issues / year
  • Rehabilitation 11/68
    Clinical Neurology 94/204
  • 2.814

The first issue of 2022 is devoted to Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injury, which includes a Preface from the Topical issue Editors, Angela Colantonio and Eve Valera, 11 manuscripts and a Letter to the Editor from Katherine Snedakar of Pink Concussions. Brain injury due to intimate partner violence (IPV) occurs via both traumatic brain injury (TBI) and hypoxic/anoxic brain injury from strangulation. Both are common and their co-occurrence introduces complexity to identification and evaluation of effects. Complexity increases with injury and recovery typically occurring in the context of stressful life events, not unlike combat acquired brain injury. Brain injury due to IPV is an important topic in brain injury rehabilitation. We hope our readers will spend some time with this issue of JHTR. 

Happy New Year!

John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP



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The Shadow Pandemic: A Qualitative Exploration of the Impacts of COVID-19 on Service Providers and Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injury

Haag, Halina (Lin); Toccalino, Danielle; Estrella, Maria Jennifer; More

Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 37(1):43-52, January/February 2022.