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Identifying and overcoming implementation challenges: Experience of 59 noninstitutional long-term services and support pilot programs in the Veterans Health Administration

Sullivan, Jennifer L.; Adjognon, Omonyêlé L.; Engle, Ryann L.; More

Health Care Management Review. 43(3):193-205, July/September 2018.

Relationships and resilience at work and at home: Impact of relational coordination on clinician work–life balance and well-being in times of crisis

Ali, Hebatallah Naim; Gittell, Jody Hoffer; Deng, Sien; More

Health Care Management Review. 48(1):80-91, January/March 2023.

Employee silence in health care: Charting new avenues for leadership and management

Montgomery, Anthony; Lainidi, Olga; Johnson, Judith; More

Health Care Management Review. 48(1):52-60, January/March 2023.