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A novel method of intraovarian instillation of platelet rich plasma to improve reproductive outcome in young Indian women with diminished ovarian reserve

Parikh, Firuza R.; Sawkar, Sujatha G.; Agarwal, Sapna; More

Global Reproductive Health. 7(2):e59, Summer 2022.

Blastocyst and cleavage stage embryo biopsy for preimplantation genetic testing of the sickle cell gene in carrier couples: the experience of an IVF clinic in a developing country: a retrospective study

Ashiru, Oladapo A.; Ogbeche, Rose O.; Oladimeji, Moruf O.; More

Global Reproductive Health. 3(3):e17, September 2018.

Sperm cryopreservation for fertility preservation in male patients with cancer at a single-center in Japan

Takeshima, Teppei; Ueno, Hiroe; Yamamoto, Mizuki; More

Global Reproductive Health. 4(4):e34, Winter 2019.