Minilaparoscopic single site total hysterectomy.

Video Author:Dr. Stefano Uccella, MD, PhD

Published on:June 24, 2015

The technique for minilaparoscopic single site hysterectomy is here shown. A uterine manipulator is placed transvaginally and two 3-mm trocars are inserted at the umbilical level. Standard steps for total laparoscopic hysterectomy are followed. The entire operation is accomplished using only reusable instruments and all the uterine vascular pedicles are coagulated using 3-mm bipolar coagulation. Colpotomy is performed using monopolar cautery and the specimen is extracted through the vagina. The cuff is sutured transvaginally. The operation is terminated leaving only a very small umbilical incision. See the related article by Uccella et al (July 2015 issue).