Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgical Skills Curriculum: Task Video

Video Author:Sunil Balgobin, Cherine A. Hamid, Chris Caudle, and Clifford Y. Wai.

Published on:August 09, 2019

Declining vaginal hysterectomy numbers in Obstetrics and Gynecology training programs underscores the need to improve the teaching of vaginal surgical skills. Barriers to performing vaginal hysterectomy include technical difficulty, low caseload, lack of requisite skills, and lack of experience with need for more training. To enhance surgical education, we developed a proficiency-based vaginal hysterectomy suturing technical skills curriculum. The objective of this video is to illustrate the correct performance, proper surgical technique, and time and error evaluation for four important vaginal hysterectomy suturing tasks (Heaney pedicle stitch, simple pedicle stitch, double ligature, and continuous running stitch).