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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trailers (80): Buccal mucosa graft for vaginal reconstruction

Grimsby et al. Autologous buccal mucosa graft augmentation for foreshortened vagina

Why should you read about this topic?

Vaginal stenosis and foreshortening and congenital vaginal agenesis are some of the most difficult surgical problems we face.  Innovations in plastic and reconstructive vaginal surgery are welcome

What were the authors trying to do?

Describe a new application of buccal mucosa graft: treatment of foreshortened vagina

Who participated and in what setting?

60 year old woman with vaginal foreshortening 15 years after radical hysterectomy and radiation for endometrial cancer

What was the study design?

Case report

What were the main outcome measures?

Pain-free sexual intercourse

What were the results?


What is the most interesting image in the paper?

Figure 2

What were the study strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: innovative technique that leaves no donor site scars and uses a hairless graft. Weaknesses: limited surface area of donor site; limited follow-up

What does the study contribute for your practice?

Another option for vaginal reconstruction.