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Monday, June 24, 2013

The big ampersand

One afternoon in San Diego I was tweeting and trawling for papers (wearing my green fleece, of course) in poster alley at the ASRM annual meeting.  I stopped at a particularly interesting study and asked the author, “Where are you going to send your manuscript?”

“Oh, probably Fert and Stert or Human Reproduction,” he replied.

“Why not the Green Journal?”

“Because it has a lower impact factor than the other two,” he lied. (Ed. note:  2012 Impact Factors: Green Journal--4.798; Fertility and Sterility--4.174; Human Reproduction--4.670)  “Besides, the Green Journal is an Ob journal.”

I spent the next five minutes reorienting him to the truth.

That the Green Journal is heavily weighted towards obstetrics is a commonly held fallacy.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but I know it’s out there.  Although we publish high-profile, pivotal studies in obstetrics, the quality and number of gynecologic articles are at the same levels.  So far in 2013 the Green Journal published 74 original research articles on obstetrics, 67 on gynecology, and 4 articles that were neither one nor the other.  In this month’s issue of the journal the Editors’ Picks include an article on obstetrics, one on gynecology, and a third applicable to both categories.  Also, today the 4 most-viewed articles on the website include two on gynecology and two on obstetrics.

Which brings me to the new Green Journal logo.  Check it out.  It’s on the website.  It’s on the cover of the print journal.  It’s on our new masthead.  Notice the enormous ampersand.  Symbols mean different things to different people but to me, the huge ampersand signifies that the Green Journal is about obstetrics and gynecology.  Not just obstetrics.  Not mostly obstetrics with a little gynecology thrown in. The Green Journal is obstetrics AND gynecology.

Readers, please note: if you pick up our journal you will get a balance of high-quality scholarship in both obstetrics and gynecology.  Authors, please note: you are not wasting your efforts by sending a manuscript on a gynecology topic to the Green Journal.  It will not be buried somewhere beyond discovery by even a small army of FBI agents with shovels.  Instead, it will be evaluated and presented fairly, thoroughly, quickly, and objectively on its merits regardless of its topic category.

So, when next you glance at our new logo remember this: nowhere else will you find a better balance of higher-impact articles in our specialty—obstetrics & gynecology.