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Friday, October 4, 2013

What is Supplemental Digital Content?
Raquel Christie, Editorial Assistant
Raquel Christie, Editorial Assistant
Do you have an interesting table, but not enough space for it in your manuscript? Is a gigantic list of contributing institutions eating away at your page count? Or, have you created an engaging video that would enhance your paper, but you’re not sure how to share it with your audience?
These problems could all potentially be solved by using supplemental digital content (SDC), a submission item at Obstetrics & Gynecology that allows authors to enhance their manuscript text by providing additional content for their readers in an online-only format.
Pretty much any type of content can be considered SDC, including text documents, graphs, tables, figures, graphics, illustrations, audio, and video. When a manuscript is published, readers are provided with the link to the supplemental digital content within the text, allowing them to access it easily on the Internet. The article is also marked with a special ”SDC” label in the printed Table of Contents.
Do you have a file you wish to be considered as SDC? Make sure to cite it consecutively in your manuscript text; your citation should label the file as ”Supplemental Digital Content,” define the type of content submitted (document, video, etc.), and contain a short description of the content.  Also, be certain to include a supplemental digital content legend (similar to a figure legend) at the end of your mauscript text.
To submit your supplemental digital content, just upload the SDC files along with the other components of your manuscripts on Editorial Manager. Be sure to choose ”Supplemental Digital Content” as the submission item type.
If you’re submitting a document or a table, we accept .doc, .docx, or .odt files; for figures, graphics, and illustrations, please submit a .tif, .eps, .ppt, .jpg, .pdf, or .gif file; for audio files, MP3s and WMAs are accepted; and for videos, please use .wmv, .mov., .qt, .mpg, .mpeg, or .mp4 file formats.
Supplemental digital content is a great way to make your manuscript more interactive with content that simply can’t be conveyed in print, or to provide more insight or information on your topic without taking a hit on your page count. Next time you submit to Obstetrics & Gynecology, consider expanding the boundaries of your paper by submitting SDC!