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Friday, September 6, 2013

Why Are the Editors Excited to Attend the Peer Review Congress?
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
From September 8 through September 10, 2013, in Chicago, IL, biomedical and scientific editors and other participants from around the world will be attending the Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication. This year, I am fortunate to be able to attend along with our Editor-in-Chief, Nancy C. Chescheir, and our Editor Emeritus, James R. Scott.
During the three days of the Congress, we’ll be listening to presenters discuss topics important to scientific publishing, and we’ll get to browse through some great abstract posters. It’s an exciting opportunity to see what research our colleagues are doing in such areas as ethics and peer review. The preliminary program is now available online for perusal. I’m particularly interested in hearing Marusic et al’s talk on deciding authorship, Jangi et al’s discussion of online views and citations, and Colbert et al’s discussion of social media use at a general medical journal. And, of course, I’m looking forward to presenting our journal’s own research on the use of plagiarism-detection software.
If you’re on Twitter, go ahead and follow @peerrevcongress for updates during the meeting itself. I plan to tweet from the meeting myself (from @rsbenner), and @greenjrnl will be picking up the most important tweets to share with all of you.
Looking forward to an exciting, informative weekend in Chicago!