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Friday, August 30, 2013

What is a QR Code, Anyway?
Shawna Byrd, Production Editor
Shawna Byrd, Production Editor
Whether you are walking down the street or flipping through a magazine, it is hard to miss seeing a QR code these days (Fig 1). What are these strange little squares containing what appears to be television static or perhaps a square that has exploded into tiny white and black squares?
QR code sample
Figure 1
The QR (quick-response) code is actually a very helpful tool for downloading digital content on to your smartphone or mobile device. QR codes are similar to other “2D tags” known as 2D barcodes, matrix barcodes, or snap tags;1 these tags allow the user to connect to a specific URL target.
So, the next time you are reading the latest Green Journal, look for one within our articles or on our Table of Contents. Just aim your device at the QR code image and scan it to enjoy watching one of our many informative videos or listening to a podcast. (Note--you will need to download a QR code reader app to your device, but there are many free apps available.)
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