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Friday, July 19, 2013

How Can I Personalize My Experience on the Green Journal Web Site?
Heidi L. Vermette, Production Editor
Heidi L. Vermette, Production Editor
As we hope you’ve seen over the past several weeks, there are a lot of neat features on -- multimedia, collections, Journal Club questions, and more. But how can you make the page more personally relevant to you, rather than just viewing everything available? There are a number of ways to do so:
Some articles on are restricted to members and subscribers. However, you don’t need to be a subscriber to the Green Journal to save accessible articles and their images, and you don’t need to subscribe to save searches. When you create a username and password and use it to sign into, you’ll be able to use the “Article Tools” link to “Add Article to My Favorites” when you see a particularly interesting article; the “Image Tools” link to “Add to my Favorites” when you wish to hang onto an illuminating table or figure; and “Save Search” to save yourself the trouble of repeatedly typing in a search term for a search that you run multiple times.
Where can all of your saved articles, images, and searches be retrieved? When you sign into the web site, you will see a link titled “My Favorites” in the upper right corner of the page. Clicking on this link will lead to you everything you’ve saved. In addition, to the right of the search field is the link “Saved Searches,” which will take you to your list of saved searches.
Export Citations
You’re completing a research paper, and you’ve come across a Green Journal article that is not only informative and insightful (like all of our articles) but has some very promising references that you would like to save. We make it easy for you to build references lists; under the “Article Tools” menu on the right side of the web page for each article, there is a link “Export to Citation Manager.” You can choose to export the citations of an article in the format of End Note, Procite, or Reference Manager.
Naturally, you want to know when the next issue of the Green Journal is coming out, or when the next batch of published ahead-of-print articles is being posted! You might also be interested in knowing when new issues of other journals published by LWW are being released; being informed when a new item is added to one of the topical collections (such as the Journal Club collection); or receiving notification when a particular article is cited.
You can do all of this while signed into, and you don’t need to be a subscriber to receive any of these alerts. To be notified when an article is cited or an item is added to a topical collection, simply go to the article or topical collection and click on the “Subscribe” link. You can manage your alerts by clicking on “My Account” on the upper right corner of the Green Journal site and choosing the “eTOCs and Alerts” tab.
Other RSS Feeds
Want to know when Dr. Dodson has posted a new entry on blO+G, or when the journal staff have updated the Friday FAQs? A link on the right side of the blog page will allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed for that blog. When new videos or podcasts have been posted, you can be alerted to the fact through the relevant RSS feeds.
Don’t restrict yourself to the generic view of Sign in and start customizing your page!