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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Fond Farewell
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
With great gratitude, we bid a fond farewell to our outgoing editors: Dr. James R. Scott, Editor-in-Chief; Dr. John T. Queenan, Deputy Editor; and Dr. Catherine Y. Spong, Associate Editor. 
We also bid adieu to Sheryl Martin, Executive Administrator, Editor’s Office, and Michele Prince, Editorial Assistant.
Dr. Scott’s vision of a clinically useful journal with a strong online presence helped Obstetrics & Gynecology become the modern publication it is today; Dr. Queenan’s talent for making connections with people helped launch and continue the Clinical Expert Series; Dr. Spong’s in-depth knowledge of the field helped make each published article stronger; Sheryl’s hard work and eye for detail helped Dr. Scott direct the journal since 2001; and Michele’s vibrant spirit and can-do attitude made her an invaluable asset to the team.
On a personal note, I have worked with Dr. Scott, Dr. Queenan, Dr. Spong, Sheryl Martin, and Michele Prince since the beginning of their tenures, and I count them as very special mentors, colleagues, and friends.
To them we say thank you—for caring about women’s health and for caring about excellence in scientific research and publishing.