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Friday, June 7, 2013

Does the Green Journal Offer a Journal Club?
Heidi L. Vermette
Heidi L. Vermette, Production Editor
A good journal club can help clinicians keep current with what is new, important, or controversial in the literature, and can help them sharpen their critical evaluation skills. But who has time to search the literature for likely articles and come up with questions for the club?

It is to fill this need that Obstetrics & Gynecology started its Journal Club series in 2009. Each month from January 2009 through the present, the editors have selected one obstetrics article and one gynecology article and created a set of questions for use in your journal club. These questions focus on study design, contribution of the study to the literature, and practical applications to your own practice. An attractive feature of the Journal Club documents is that they, and the articles that they accompany, are all freely available; you do not need to be a Green Journal subscriber or College member to read the articles and download the Journal Club questions.

One query that the editors sometimes get is, “Where are the answers to the Journal Clubs?” Our Web Editor, Dr. Dodson, explains in his blog why we don’t provide ready-made answers for our Journal Club questions; basically, it is because “The best answers are in the creative ideas, thoughts, and impressions of your own journal club.” The exercise of thinking through these questions, looking up resources as needed, and discussing possible responses with your colleagues is what gives this feature its value.

The entire collection of Green Journal Journal Club documents, as well as a handy instructional PDF on running a journal club, are available here. It’s free. It’s easy. What are you waiting for? Check it out and start or refresh your own journal club sessions with this valuable resource.