Friday FAQs on O&G

Answers to frequently asked questions provided by the Obstetrics & Gynecology editorial staff.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome to Friday FAQs on O&G: Your Questions Answered
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor

Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor

This inaugural post launches our weekly blog series, “Friday FAQs on O&G,” written by Obstetrics & Gynecology editorial staff members. Here in the office, we receive questions on a daily basis on a whole host of topics. We thought a blog would be a good way to get the answers to frequently asked questions out to our readers, authors, and reviewers.
I have worked for Obstetrics & Gynecology for nearly 12 years, and I have been (and am) joined by some great people. Here’s who you will “meet” through our blog in the next few weeks:
  • Sheryl Martin, Executive Administrator, Editor’s Office (responsible for assisting the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Scott, with administrative tasks and review of manuscripts);
  • Michele Prince, Editorial Assistant (responsible for assisting the Associate Editor, Dr. Spong, with administrative tasks and review of manuscripts);
  • Denise Shields, Manuscript Editor (responsible for overseeing all manuscripts published in the journal and interacting with authors, editors, and other staff for content review);
  • Heidi L. Vermette, Production Editor (responsible for tracking all material in production, for ensuring the quality of art and videos published in the journal, for checking manuscripts for plagiarism, and for assisting with maintenance of the journal’s web site); and
  • Randi Y. Zung, Editorial Assistant (responsible for providing administrative support in the editorial office and for assisting the Deputy Editor, Dr. Queenan, with administrative tasks and review of manuscripts).

Look for us to post once a week on Friday. If you have questions that we don’t answer in the blog, check out our other resources available at Finally, you can always call the office at 202-314-2317. We’re happy to talk to you!