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Obstetrics & Gynecology: January 1980
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The reproductive history of 69 women with demonstrated diethylstilbestrol (DES)-related cervical-vaginal abnormalities is reviewed. AH of the patients were sexually active non-contraceptive users who were studied over an 8-year period. Forty-six patients conceived, for an uncorrected fertility rate of 66.7%. Fourteen patients elected therapeutic abortion. The 32 remaining patients had 62 pregnancies which resulted in 26 living children, for a success rate of 41.9%. However, cervical cerclage was required for continuation of 8 of these successful pregnancies. The 36 pregnancy failures consisted of 19 first- and 11 second-trimester spontaneous abortions, 3 third-trimester losses due to prematurity, and 3 tubal pregnancies. Uterine abnormalities were found in all of the 25 patients who underwent liysterosalpingograins. Although other reproductive diseases unrelated to DES exposure in utero were also present in this select group of patients, it is probable that the high rate of infertility and pregnancy wastage is related to the uterine structural abnormalities encountered.

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