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A Randomized, Controlled Comparison of NCX 470 (0.021%, 0.042%, and 0.065%) and Latanoprost 0.005% in Patients With Open-angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension: The Dolomites Study

Walters, Thomas R.; Kothe, Angela C.; Boyer, José L.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 31(6):382-391, June 2022.

Intraocular Pressure and Medication Burden With Cataract Surgery Alone, or Cataract Surgery Combined With Trabecular Bypass or Goniotomy

McNiel, Christopher L.; Sanchez, Facundo G.; Rees, Jack P.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 31(6):423-429, June 2022.

Clinical Outcomes of Ahmed ClearPath Implantation in Glaucomatous Eyes: A Novel Valveless Glaucoma Drainage Device

Grover, Davinder S.; Kahook, Malik Y.; Seibold, Leonard K.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 31(5):335-339, May 2022.

The Chinese Glaucoma Study Consortium for Patients With Glaucoma: Design, Rationale and Baseline Patient Characteristics

Zhang, Hui; Jia, Hongyan; Duan, Xiaoming; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 28(11):974-978, November 2019.

Self-identified Black Race as a Risk Factor for Intraocular Pressure Elevation and Iritis Following Prophylactic Laser Peripheral Iridotomy

Adetunji, Modupe O.; Meer, Elana; Whitehead, Gideon; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 31(4):218-223, April 2022.

Pooled Efficacy and Safety Profile of Netarsudil Ophthalmic Solution 0.02% in Patients With Open-angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension

Singh, Inder P.; Fechtner, Robert D.; Myers, Jonathan S.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 29(10):878-884, October 2020.

Noninferiority of Preservative-free Versus BAK-preserved Latanoprost-timolol Fixed Combination Eye Drops in Patients With Open-angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension

Aptel, Florent; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Schmickler, Stefanie; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 28(6):498-506, June 2019.

A Randomized Phase 2 Trial Comparing Omidenepag Isopropyl 0.002% Once and Twice Daily in Subjects With Primary Open-angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension (SPECTRUM-6)

Olander, Kenneth W.; Sato, Michelle A.; Abrams, Marc A.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 30(6):473-480, June 2021.

A European Study of the Performance and Safety of MINIject in Patients With Medically Uncontrolled Open-angle Glaucoma (STAR-II)

García Feijoó, Julián; Denis, Philippe; Hirneiß, Christoph; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 29(10):864-871, October 2020.

Correlations Between Subjective Evaluation of Quality of Life, Visual Field Loss, and Performance in Simulated Activities of Daily Living in Glaucoma Patients

Azoulay-Sebban, Line; Zhao, Zhanlin; Zenouda, Ariel; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 29(10):970-974, October 2020.