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April 2023 - Volume 32 - Issue 4

  • Neeru Gupta, MD, PhD, MBA
  • 1057-0829
  • 1536-481X
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Original Studies

Oral Ibuprofen is Associated With Reduced Likelihood of Early Bleb Failure After Trabeculectomy in High-Risk Glaucoma Patients

Sim, Jackie Jia Lin; Man, Ryan Eyn Kidd; Foo, Reuben Chao Ming; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 32(4):237-244, April 2023.

Agreement of a Novel Artificial Intelligence Software With Optical Coherence Tomography and Manual Grading of the Optic Disc in Glaucoma

Shroff, Sujani; Rao, Divya P.; Savoy, Florian M.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 32(4):280-286, April 2023.

Comparison of Trabeculectomy Outcomes Performed by Residents in Training and Ophthalmologists

Lima-Fontes, Mário; Faria-Pereira, Ana; Leuzinger-Dias, Mariana; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 32(4):320-326, April 2023.

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