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Fall 2020 - Volume 37 - Issue 1

  • Trudy Land, FACHE
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From the Fall 2020 Issue

Healthcare organizations face many crises. That is what we do every day. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, is extraordinary. It has caused one of the most challenging times—if not the most challenging time—in history. The pandemic continues to demonstrate healthcare’s vulnerabilities and is a force with such strength that it affects all aspects of care.

Many providers have recovered from the initial impact and are in the recovery phase (albeit in fits and starts), reshaping the delivery of care; others still need to start their recovery and evaluate their operations. Is this a turning point in healthcare? Will organizations make profound changes in the provision of services, producing value with quality outcomes and cost-effectiveness? Opportunities now abound to innovate and disrupt the traditional ways care is provided and services are reimbursed. It is imperative for organizations to move forward from a precarious state and develop stronger systems for their communities.

The authors in this special issue of Frontiers of Health Services Management provide a variety of compelling perspectives and critical information on how they have addressed key issues while living through this crisis thus far. They share their insights on disruption and innovation, restoration of patients’ trust, workforce resilience, continuing care for older adults, the supply chain, lessons from Superstorm Sandy, inner city and rural hardships, and the supporting role of the US military. They share how they are responding to the coronavirus and navigating toward recovery, implementing changes and discovering innovations along the way.

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