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Spring 2022 - Volume 38 - Issue 3

  • Carla J. Sampson, PhD, FACHE
  • 0748-8157
  • 2475-2797
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​From the Spring 2022 Issue

I am honored to join the esteemed list of Frontiers of Health Services Management editors. They have all left their marks in healthcare through the past 38 years of this publication, and I am excited to start my term of its stewardship.

From a humble beginning on the Caribbean island of Tobago, I am an immigrant and first-generation university graduate with a multicultural perspective honed by curiosity and, in the language of the national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago, “Every creed and race, finds an equal place.” Back home is perhaps the only place on earth where everyone has their own officially recognized national holiday (Eid-ul-Fitr, Divali, Christmas . . .). We all learn their significance and celebrate them together. We value the cultural contribution to our national identity, particularly our cuisine.

Even before I graduated high school, I lost both parents to medical malpractice. By preparing the next generation of our healthcare workforce, I believe that I contribute to improving healthcare delivery for all people. Together with Dr. Bruce Fried, I am the coeditor of the fifth edition of the Health Administration Press textbook Human Resources for Healthcare: Managing for Success. I am also the director of healthcare programs and clinical associate professor at New York University’s Robert F Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

I remember New Year’s Eve 1999. Network managers stayed up all night, wrought with worry that programmers may have overlooked a single line of code that did not have dates in the correct format for the switch to Y2K. It was a relief when the millennium ticked over, all tests ran optimally, and we could finally join everyone else worldwide in Prince’s 1999 party (with hastily made confetti from dot matrix printer paper).​

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