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Leptospirosis, COVID-19, and concern for clinical surgery

Wiwanitkit, Somsria,∗; Wiwanitkit, Virojb,c

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Formosan Journal of Surgery 56(3):p 98, May-June 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/FS9.0000000000000030
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Dear Editor,

Acute febrile disease caused by rodents called leptospirosis is typically encountered after the periods of torrential rain and flooding. This is one of the common leptospiral infections in the developing countries. Patients with leptospirosis were more likely to experience severe muscle pain, stomach pain, jaundice, decreased urine production, myocarditis, and the need for dialysis. Leptospirosis and other acute febrile illnesses should be suspected in the tropical areas with high-risk factors. A leptospirosis serology test should be ordered if conjunctival suffusion, hepatic failure, and renal dysfunction are present. Because of underreporting of cases, the COVID-19 pandemic's epidemic curve for leptospirosis may have deviated from the regular seasonal scale found in prior years.[1–3] The health systems of all countries have been severely harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures adopted to counteract it. During the lockdown period, the public sanitation control system might sometimes be difficult. This might increase the risk of several diseases. As a result, the endemic region must be aware of any potential leptospirosis outbreaks occurring alongside the COVID-19 outbreak. The main issue is to make an early diagnosis and to be aware of the possibilities.[3] Particularly, ward workers may find sporadic instances of leptospirosis in clinical surgery. Leptospirosis, for instance, can develop after surgery and is frequently misdiagnosed.[4]

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