Sep-Oct 2022 - Volume 11 - Issue 5 : Endoscopic Ultrasound

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Sep-Oct 2022 - Volume 11 - Issue 5
pp: 339-427

How to perform EUS-guided biliary drainage

Dietrich, Christoph F.; Braden, Barbara; Burmeister, Sean; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 11(5):342-354, Sep-Oct 2022.

Safety and efficacy of EUS-guided ablation of pancreatic lesions with ethanol versus ethanol with paclitaxel: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Saghir, Syed Mohsin; Dhindsa, Banreet Singh; Daid, Sarav Gunjit Singh; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 11(5):371-376, Sep-Oct 2022.

EUS-guided ablation with the HybridTherm Probe as second-line treatment in patients with locally advanced pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: A case–control study

Testoni, Sabrina Gloria Giulia; Petrone, Maria Chiara; Reni, Michele; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 11(5):383-392, Sep-Oct 2022.

Comparison of specimen quality among the standard suction, slow-pull, and wet suction techniques for EUS-FNA: A multicenter, prospective, randomized controlled trial

Chen, Tian-Yin; Cao, Ji-Wang; Jin, Chen; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 11(5):393-400, Sep-Oct 2022.

Utility of contrast-enhanced harmonic EUS for diagnosis of portal vein invasion by pancreatic cancer

Nakai, Atsushi; Kamata, Ken; Hyodo, Tomoko; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 11(5):401-406, Sep-Oct 2022.