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July-August 2023 - Volume 12 - Issue 4

  • Siyu Sun
  • 2303-9027
  • 2226-7190
  • Bimonthly
  • 4.5

Current Issue Highlights

EUS–guided therapies for primary and secondary prophylaxis in gastric varices—An updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Chandan, Saurabh; Nguyen, Andrew Khoi; Mohan, Babu P.; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 12(4):351-361, July-August 2023.

Identification of sentinel lymph nodes in esophageal cancer patients using contrast-enhanced EUS with peritumoral injections

Liu, Ji-Bin; Machado, Priscilla; Eisenbrey, John R.; More

Endoscopic Ultrasound. 12(4):362-368, July-August 2023.