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March 2016 - Volume 27 - Issue 2
pp: 159-310,e4-e11

The Impact of Multipollutant Clusters on the Association Between Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Microvascular Function

Ljungman, Petter L.; Wilker, Elissa H.; Rice, Mary B.; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):194-201, March 2016.

Long- and Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution and Inflammatory/Hemostatic Markers in Midlife Women

Green, Rochelle; Broadwin, Rachel; Malig, Brian; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):211-220, March 2016.

Growth and Mortality Outcomes for Different Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation Criteria in Children Ages 1–5 Years: A Causal Modeling Analysis

Schomaker, Michael; Davies, Mary-Ann; Malateste, Karen; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):237-246, March 2016.

A Method to Estimate the Size and Characteristics of HIV-positive Populations Using an Individual-based Stochastic Simulation Model

Nakagawa, Fumiyo; van Sighem, Ard; Thiebaut, Rodolphe; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):247-256, March 2016.

Physician’s Prescribing Preference as an Instrumental Variable: Exploring Assumptions Using Survey Data

Boef, Anna G. C.; le Cessie, Saskia; Dekkers, Olaf M.; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):276-283, March 2016.