July 2009 - Volume 20 - Issue 4 : Epidemiology

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July 2009 - Volume 20 - Issue 4
pp: 473-630

Original Article

Parental Age and Risk of Childhood Cancer: A Pooled Analysis

Johnson, Kimberly J.; Carozza, Susan E.; Chow, Eric J.; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):475-483, July 2009.

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Original Article

High-dimensional Propensity Score Adjustment in Studies of Treatment Effects Using Health Care Claims Data

Schneeweiss, Sebastian; Rassen, Jeremy A.; Glynn, Robert J.; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):512-522, July 2009.

Improving Multilevel Analyses: The Integrated Epidemiologic Design

Martínez, José Miguel; Benach, Joan; Benavides, Fernando G.; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):525-532, July 2009.


Original Article

Misdemeanor Policing, Physical Disorder, and Gun-related Homicide: A Spatial Analytic Test of “Broken-Windows” Theory

Cerdá, Magdalena; Tracy, Melissa; Messner, Steven F.; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):533-541, July 2009.

Original Article

Elemental Carbon Exposure at Residence and Survival After Acute Myocardial Infarction

von Klot, Stephanie; Gryparis, Alexandros; Tonne, Cathryn; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):547-554, July 2009.

Original Article

Targeted BCG Vaccination Against Severe Tuberculosis in Low-prevalence Settings: Epidemiologic and Economic Assessment

Altes, Hester Korthals; Dijkstra, Frederika; Lugnèr, Anna; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):562-568, July 2009.

Original Article

Original Article

Uterine Leiomyomata in Relation to Insulin-like Growth Factor-I, Insulin, and Diabetes

Baird, Donna D.; Travlos, Greg; Wilson, Ralph; More

Epidemiology. 20(4):604-610, July 2009.

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