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Validation Studies: Bias, Efficiency, and Exposure Assessment

Chatterjee, Nilanjan; Wacholder, Sholom

Epidemiology. 13(5):503-506, September 2002.

Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (STROBE): Explanation and Elaboration

Vandenbroucke, Jan P.; von Elm, Erik; Altman, Douglas G.; More

Epidemiology. 18(6):805-835, November 2007.

Parental Smoking and Risk of Childhood-onset Type 1 Diabetes

Magnus, Maria C.; Tapia, German; Olsen, Sjurdur F.; More

Epidemiology. 29(6):848-856, November 2018.

The Impact of Climate Change on Public Health in India: Future Research Directions

Bush, Kathleen F.; Frumkin, Howard; Rani Kotha, S.; More

Epidemiology. 22(1):S21, January 2011.

Spontaneous Abortion and Physical Strain Around Implantation: A Follow-Up Study of First-Pregnancy Planners

Hjollund, Niels Henrik I.; Jensen, Tina Kold; Bonde, Jens Peter E.; More

Epidemiology. 11(1):18-23, January 2000.